Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Root Canal Price

If bacteria have invaded the tooth and infectious nerve tissue, endodontic treatment can often save the tooth. Medical insurance does not always cover the Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. The procedure is used to treat diseases affecting the middle or decayed tooth of the tooth, where the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth are located.

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

Treatment is relatively complex. Therefore, it is impossible to estimate how much of a burden it will be on your pocket, as prices are highly dependent on individual circumstances. There are several factors that affect the price.

The Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai can range from AED 1500 to AED 2999.

Quick Tip: Let your dentist work out a treatment plan and expenses for you, and make sure to send it to your health insurance company before treatment.


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Factors Affecting the Cost:

It is a complex procedure carried out in sessions and will involve several steps. Following factors impact the expense:

Doctor’s experience:

Everyone desires to be treated by a trained professional. The training and experience of a doctor directly impact the cost.

Tooth Condition:

If the teeth are cracked or chipped or have swelling and infection, the cost may be higher because the problem is more complex and requires a thorough treatment.

Tooth Type:

Most people do not understand why the treatment of some teeth costs higher than others. The treatment of molars is more complex than the front teeth.

Number of treatments:

Each molar tooth has three to four canals, and the Orthodontist Dentist must treat each of these. The cost is calculated considering all of these characteristics.


Dentists do not use complex or expensive equipment for most of their treatments. The price of overall treatment is lower if more straightforward equipment is used.


Some treatments are expensive, and insurance can help you get the treatment at lower Prices. But you will have to check with your service provider if they offer insurance for your particular treatment.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost?

Treatment is only covered by limited insurance. Insurance companies will only cover the entire expense if the tooth is deemed worthy of discussion. This is especially true when the treated teeth can be thoroughly and comprehensively cleaned. Only then can the root crop be completely sealed, which has a significant price impact.

For the molars, this adjustment is even tighter. In the following cases, it covers the expenses:

  • It is possible to obtain a closed row of teeth.
  • The row of teeth would be shortened backward on one side, i.e., the last tooth of the jaw would be missing.
  • The affected tooth has an existing and still functioning prosthesis

If these points do not apply, a tooth is not considered worthy of conservation. However, it is often advisable to choose the treatment anyway, even if you must pay the expenses entirely out of your own pocket.

Can the Health Insurance Company Refuse to Pay?

There are various reasons why policy providers refuse to subsidize this treatment. A frequent topic is a treatment that has already been done and has not brought the desired success. While it is unclear whether the procedure will be successful, the companies often refuse to cover the expenses. Furthermore, no neighboring teeth should be endangered by Root treatment.

Therefore, to avoid unpleasant financial surprises, it is advisable to contact your service provider in advance.


The Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is covered by health insurance companies only if the tooth can be preserved. In other cases, you may have to pay for it yourself. The cost varies from person to person as several factors affect the price. However, the best way to go about this is to get your doctor to produce an individual treatment plan meeting your requirements and budget and check with your insurance provider if they can cover the said treatment prices.