Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline From Beginning To End in Dubai Cost

Everyone is talking about a nose job, but not everyone acquires complete information about this multitasking transformational operation. Whether you are someone who is dealing with aesthetic flaws or someone who wants to improve their inhaling and exhaling problems with a few touch-ups on the nose. This could be your chance to have it all. Read about Rhinoplasty in Dubai. Discover; Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline: From Beginning To End in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

What Is The Purpose Of Rhinoplasty?

It is a surgical option for reshaping one’s nose or completely transforming a damaged nasal bone. Although Rhinoplasty is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, however, there are medical advantages latched to this treatment too. The operative care aims to replace the nasal bone with a silicone implant to reform the internal structure. Moreover, we can also cut excessive lumps that grow inside the breathing tube and can seemingly block the oxygen intake. To sum up, it is an overall aid to upgrade both your aesthetic and medical complications.

What Happens During The Surgery?

This is considered to be a major surgery. This is why, the operative measures are going to take place inside the surgery room. Below is general information about the steps and stages involved in the process;

  • You will be put to sleep under the influence of general anesthesia. This will help eliminate all the pain memory during the entire operation.
  • The next step is to cut open the nasal bridge. We use special tools to get the job done.
  • Each step demands precision and special skills to technically perform the Rhinoplasty Nose Job. As soon as we gain access to the base bone, some implants are placed as a foundation cushion.
  • We will sculpt the entire nose shape again. This modification is performed according to your face shape and symmetry to enhance all your features.
  • After which, the wounds are carefully stitched closed. We will wrap the surgical bandages across the face after applying medications to prevent bacterial infection.
  • Ultimately, you are transferred to the recovery room, where your overall well-being is monitored until you are stable enough to go home. 

What Is The Aftercare?

Every medical treatment whether it is non-invasive or invasive; requires special care to heal smoothly with the best-generated results. We gathered some homecare guidelines for you to look after yourself;

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. You are advised to consume a liquid diet for a week or two until you are eligible to bite and chew. 
  • Do not wash your face. You can use cleansing wipes to clear away the impurities for the time being. 
  • Refrain from sleeping on your face. You can use pillows to rest on your back and adjust the setting to prevent your face from touching any surrounding surface.
  • You must take your oral medications on time. Topical application on the wounds along with changing your wound dressing must be done frequently.
  • Consume a healthy diet during the recovery process and take supplements to empower your body to build stamina and increase your willpower.
  • Visit your doctor to track your recovery progress. Do not miss any appointments and follow the given instructions with dedication. 

How Long Is The Road To Recovery?

  • Your recovery is not going to stop you from working or fulfilling other daily tasks of your everyday routine. However, if you lack care or dedication with your aftercare precautions, some serious mishaps could cause massive complications. 
  • With all the criteria being double-checked daily, you will be recovering smoothly and swiftly. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to allow the wounds to begin healing. 
  • Whereas, some candidates may experience a complete recovery from the inside and out, in a month or two.
  •  It is a slow and gradual process, therefore, the swelling or inflammation will calm down slowly.
  • However, the final reveal will portray a perfectly sculpted nose without any flaws.

What Are The Final Results Of The Transformation?

After completely recovering from the inside and out, you will experience great changes taking place in your aesthetic appearance and overall health in general. Some of the benefits of this phenomenal procedure are;

  • It will create a balance in your nose shape.
  • The whole symmetrical appearance will appear aligned to the whole face.
  • The nose shape will look lifted with a button-like appealing structure.
  • Wide nostrils are slimmed and chiseled with an even-looking nasal bridge. 
  • Any crookedness or bumps on the nasal bridge are effortlessly eliminated.
  • On top of that, it can immensely improve the respiration system.
  • Candidates talk about feeling greatly confident about their looks and overall aesthetics.

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