Rhinoplasty Reasons, Procedure and Recovery in Dubai Cost & Price

A rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure used to improve the look of the nose and relieve pain caused by nasal breathing issues. The procedure is done for both cosmetic and medical reasons, such as when a patient has a deviated nasal septum or nasal fractures and is not happy with the way their nose looks.

One of the most popular operations is nose surgery. Rhinoplasty: Reasons, Procedure, and Recovery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are all discussed in detail below. Due to the structural characteristics of the nose, the difficulty of surgical access, and the constrained operating area, it is also one of the most challenging. Of course, the expertise and credentials of the operating surgeon are crucial, but the patient’s compliance with the instructions throughout the recovery period has a significant impact on their ability to recover and be satisfied with the outcome.

Why get Nose Surgery?

The best way for many patients to achieve facial symmetry and a more attractive appearance is through nose surgery. Others choose to get rhinoplasty to fix a congenital deformity, fix breathing issues, or fix traumatic abnormalities. The most frequent medical and cosmetic justifications for rhinoplasty are listed below.

Restore the Nose Following Damage:

Both the nose’s look and functionality can be harmed by trauma. The two main causes of a broken nose are being involved in an automobile accident or getting hurt while participating in sports like football. In this situation, rhinoplasty is an appropriate operation to give the nose a beautiful shape, restore the patient’s quality of life, and restore the nose’s functionality.

Repairing Birth Defects:

Birth malformations of the nose that impair the nasal cavity’s structure can sometimes be treated by rhinoplasty.

Repair a Crooked Septum:

One of the most typical anatomical issues that lead patients to consult a cosmetic surgeon is a deviated septum. It’s not necessary to alter the nose’s aesthetic. The majority of patients, however, request minor adjustments to their nose size or form in only one procedure.

Fix Respiratory Issues:

In addition to enhancing your nose’s look, rhinoplasty can improve your ability to breathe.

Enhance the Nose’s Size and Contour:

To boost self-confidence, feel more beautiful, and be prepared for new challenges, patients with a nose that is either too prominent or too little may choose to get rhinoplasty.

Adjust the Nose’s Asymmetry:

Nearly everyone has some asymmetry in their facial features, however, some people’s asymmetry is more obvious than others. The nose is a noticeable feature that is crucial to the overall symmetry of the face.

What is the Recovery Like?

The patient must stay in the hospital for the first day following rhinoplasty. There might be edema and nasal discharge. It spreads to the eyelids in addition to the region around the nose. After around 1-2 weeks, the cast should be taken off.

After a rhinoplasty, the typical recuperation period lasts up to a month. The length of the intervention varies depending on its size, the patient’s health, and the characteristics of the treatment. Rehabilitation begins 1-2 weeks after rhinoplasty if only soft tissues were damaged.

Rehab takes longer when the bone is involved. Sports are prohibited for six to twelve weeks following rhinoplasty. Depending on the severity of the procedure, trauma-related sports are typically prohibited for several months.

You should follow a doctor’s advice and take painkillers for a while after rhinoplasty. You must give up wearing glasses for a month, refrain from sleeping on your side or stomach, and avoid using saunas and steam rooms. You shouldn’t schedule seaside vacations after rhinoplasty until you’ve fully healed.

Hematomas under the eyes and in the nose initially occur a few days after rhinoplasty. Perhaps due to the development of edema, which can cause a disruption in nasal breathing, the sensitivity to smells temporarily declines.

The Takeaway 

Now that you know all about Rhinoplasty: Reasons, Procedure, and Recovery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Have trust in Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’s doctors’ skilled hands when it comes to facial plastic surgery. Since no two noses are the same, no two rhinoplasties are the same. The physician has in-depth knowledge of the nose and a creative eye for altering the nose’s form in a way that is harmonious, balanced, and in relation to other facial characteristics. Additionally, he combines conventional and contemporary rhinoplasty treatments while also using the most cutting-edge surgical methods.