Rhinoplasty For Men In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Rhinoplasty Surgery

Have you had an accident it broke your nose? Or did you grow up having respiration issues? Whether you are struggling with health-related problems or just want to upgrade your facial features. We have just the treatment for you with permanent enhancements. Read about; Rhinoplasty In Dubai. And explore more information on; Rhinoplasty For Men In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

This is a surgical procedure that is commonly known as a Nose Job. It is one of the most talked about treatments nowadays. Not only is it beneficial in terms of upgrading your aesthetic profile but also works effectively to improve your medical problems. Moreover, it can slim down your nose, and aid to perform augmentation to rebuild the structure. To sum up a brief conclusion about this treatment, the aim of this plan of action is to modify your facial structure. And provide support to the broken bone to restore the natural feature to allow you to smell and breathe with ease.

How Is It Performed On Men?

The approach and specification remain the same, however, we do not recommend this surgery to anyone who is younger than the restricted age. However, during a personalized consultation, we will determine the targeted performance according to your nasal defects, angle, or size of the nose bridge. As well as nostrils width or medical problems that can be fixed after the surgery. 

What Is The Procedure?

This is a very technical approach to reshaping and sculpting your entire nose. Below is a general outline to give you a guideline about the process;

  • All the final details will be discussed and planned during the initial consultation. The Surgeon will look into your medical records and examine your concerns.
  • A digital 3D guide is created to show you the expected results. Whereas, some photographs are taken for your final progress. 
  • On the due date, you are advised to arrive on time and get yourself registered at the hospital. A nurse will help you get changed and you are shifted to the operation room to proceed forward.
  • The expert team will set up the entire arrangements for the surgery. A nurse will put you to sleep by injecting a required percentage of general anesthesia into your drip.
  • Your nose is then cut open. The nasal bone is reshaped and the skin is adjusted back on. Even the nostrils or tip of your nose can be restructured accordingly.
  • In the end, the wounds are stitched with dissolvable sutures. And the entire area is covered and sealed.
  • You are transferred to the recovery room. And further looked after until you are all better to go home. 

What Are The Benefits?

We gathered some astonishing advantages of Rhinoplasty In Dubai. Read and explore the perks of the permanent solution;

  • Most men consider the surgery due to nasal congestion or sinus issues in general. It will treat the matter and upgrade your facial features as well.
  • Anyone dealing with respiration problems due to a medical condition will also experience relief and a sign of relaxation when being able to breathe properly.
  • It will also repair any natural crookedness or accidental breakage in the nasal bone. 
  • After a smooth recovery, your face will appear symmetrically even and balanced. It is an upgrade to your facial profile.
  • Moreover, even during the recovery time period, you can head back to work and go on with your daily tasks without facing any disturbance or pause in your routine.
  • The new modifications will boost your confidence. You can even collaborate with your surgeon and lift or chisel the appearance to improve your aesthetic appearance as well.

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