Rhinoplasty for Bulbous Nose in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Nose Plasty

The most done cosmetic surgery is Rhinoplasty. Because people know that the shape of your nose makes you feel and look confident as it makes your appearance sharp and bold. The reason for getting rhinoplasty can be a natural reason such as a bulbous, thick, and unshaped nose, and can be due to an accident. Read this blog to know about Rhinoplasty for Bulbous Nose in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.


It is cosmetic surgery procedure used to change the shape, size, and condition of the bulbose nose. It gives a new aesthetic look to the appearance of the nose as well as rises confidence. It is not just done for cosmetic reasons but also performed for the enhancement of breathing if one feels discomfort while breathing due to the shape or irregularity in the nose.

Good Candidacy:

Assuming you are discontent with the presence of your nose and have a solid standpoint and inspiration to go through a rhinoplasty, then, at that point, you are probably a solid contender for this certainty-building technique. Anyone can be a good candidate if they have a bulbous nose but a few major characters are also involved:

  • Looks a little, thicker, or subsiding
  • In the event that the nostrils are wide and additionally awry
  • Seems to be a hunchback when seen from the side
  • Assuming that the tip of the nose is hanging down or bulbous
  • Looks more extensive than ordinary when seen from the front
  • In the event that you experience issues breathing with a nose distortion


This nose job strategy is normally done under broad sedation. A little entry point is made at the foundation of your nose, between your noses. Then the specialist makes acclimations to the bone and ligament under your skin. Everybody has an interesting nose shape and individual issues. Your nose might require a decrease or expansion or maybe rectification of deviation. In this manner, the specialist will plan your rhinoplasty as redoing.

The objective is to accomplish a nose shape that is consonant to the next face parts. The most well-known issues including the nasal tip are the saggy and bulbous tips. The specialist will manage the upper portion of the lower horizontal ligament. A base 5 mm strip is fundamental for nasal wing backing to stay away from nasal wing breakdown during the procedure of respiration. In this phase of rhinoplasty, the plastic specialist can play with the nose tip in any way the patient need. Limiting, lifting vertically, or augmentation is doable.


  • Viable restorative treatment for primary anomalies
  • Makes a fair and balanced facial appearance
  • Works on relaxing
  • Fixes a mound or plunge
  • Reshapes nose that mixes in with other facial elements to give a bulbose effect.
  • Upgrades the presence of nostrils
  • By and large, nasal medical procedure assists patients with acquiring superior personal satisfaction and lifts their certainty.

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