Revision Rhinoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic

Symmetrical nose, pleasant to the touch, and attractive face. All this is considered the basis of beauty. The shape and structure of the nose is one of the main components that make up this golden cut on the face. You must have seen people around you who had multiple nose surgeries and wondered why? The outcome of primary treatment is often unsatisfactory for the patient due to the complexity of the treatment. Revision Rhinoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is performed to correct the problems caused by the first operation.

Why do People get the Treatment?

In reconstructive plastic surgery, the shape of the nose is surgically reshaped to achieve functional changes after primary rhinoplasty. The main reason for such treatment is dissatisfaction with the first method.

Some of the problems include obstruction of the nasal airways, a decrease in the symmetry of the nose, a slight decrease or increase in the height of the nose, an excessive narrowing of the tip of the nose, or an inappropriate shape of the nose.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

The right candidate for the procedure is someone fulfilling the following conditions:

  • A healthy individual who is not satisfied with previous surgery for cosmetic, harmonic, or medical reasons.
  • The right time for this operation is about a year after the previous one.
  • The respiratory condition has worsened after the primary treatment.

Quick Tip! People may be compelled to undergo surgery early; it is necessary to wait until the right time, so the swelling disappears and reduces the risk of surgical error.

It’s more Complex than you Think!

Treatment is much more complicated than primary surgery. The first operation is always the best time to treat all nasal problems, whether they are conscious or operational. However, if something goes wrong, a revision can also correct deficiencies with the help of experienced surgeons, and the knowledge and skills of the surgeon.

What Results can you Achieve?

Excellent results are obtained if the procedure is carefully planned with the patience of the patient and the doctor. The procedure must be performed by a qualified surgeon to avoid the third and fourth operations.

Your desire to change the look of the nose is always taken into consideration. However, factors such as the structure and thickness of the skin tissue, the amount of scar material from previous surgery, and the thickness of the face can often influence the outcome of revision surgery. Each of these factors plays an important role in the outcome of secondary treatment.

In any case, you should know that overhaul is much more complicated than the main task. If what you expected isn’t practical, you may not be happy with a second business.

What is Aftercare Like?

The care after the Revision Rhinoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is similar to that after primary surgery. Follow the guidelines provided by the doctor:

  • Nasal tampons reduce swelling and swelling after surgery, but you cannot breathe through your nose until they are removed.
  • The surgeon prescribes pain medication to relieve pain after surgery. You may experience nausea after surgery, in which case the surgeon will prescribe anti-nausea medications.
  • The nose can remain inflamed and swollen for several days. Applying a cold compress to the forehead reduces inflammation.
  • It is also best to lift your head in the first week after surgery and avoid bumps and nose injuries for 6-8 weeks. It is also forbidden to blow your nose for 2-3 weeks after nose surgery.
  • However, the nasal passages must be cleared immediately after the tampon is removed, after which nasal congestion and the need to blow your nose are significantly reduced.
  • The surgical team removes the nasal splint three to seven days after surgery. At the moment, the nose is still a little swollen, although most of the swelling goes away after two weeks.

Is it More Expensive?

Revision treatment must be performed with greater precision and skill than primary surgery. As a result, the costs of the operating room, anesthesia, and long-term patient care increase, and the costs of revision surgery increase.

Therefore, secondary treatment is more expensive than primary treatment.


If your primary nose job did not give you the desired results, choosing the right surgeon for your secondary treatment is imperative. Choose the best plastic surgeons for your treatment, so you do not have to go for secondary treatment. Get in touch with experts at Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to get the best treatment possible.