Revision Bariatric Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Reducing Bariatric Surgery costs in Dubai is the gold-standard option for patients suffering from obesity-related diseases. It can no longer maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise. Revision surgery has been reported to reduce the risk of diabetes, and heart disease.

Revisional bariatric surgery is done to fix or change a previous weight loss surgical procedure. It could be appropriate if you’ve had less-than-optimal weight loss or weight regain or if you experienced problems with your original system. Extra typical complications include abscess, pouch augmentation, or loosening a lap band.

While revisional surgical treatments are more intricate than initial bariatric surgical treatments, our experienced specialists have a wealth of experience doing gastric bypass and stomach sleeve modifications. We will meticulously review your situation to establish why your previous treatment failed. This way, we can use the ideal method to help you attain the best possible end result. Learn more about Revision Bariatric Surgery Costs in Dubai.

Am I a Candidate for Revisional Bariatric Surgical Procedure?

You may get approved for revisional weight management surgery if your initial bariatric treatment did not cause optimal weight loss or if you’ve regained a significant quantity of your excess body weight. Besides bariatric surgical procedures, you are recovering a small amount of weight prevails. A revisional surgical procedure might be appropriate if you experienced difficulties from your initial treatment.

What a Bariatric Revision Does:

The modification procedure is non-surgical and reduces the available to your belly once again, further limiting its ability. A bariatric revision can frequently jump-start your weight reduction process and also assist you to begin losing weight or to lose even more weight.

The bariatric alteration procedure is specifically created for individuals with gastric coronary bypass, not sleeve gastrectomy (usually simply called “the sleeve”) or the flexible stomach band.

Bariatric revision is usually an outpatient procedure executed under light sedation. The opening to your belly may have been more significant given your original bypass, particularly if you have been consuming more than you should. Below, an endoscopic suture is used to diminish the stomach opening back down to its initial post-surgery size.

Types of Modification Bariatric Surgical Treatment:

Right here are four procedures individuals pick to enhance the outcomes of their very first bariatric surgical treatment:

  • Stomach bypass revision surgery
  • Sleeve gastrostomy modification
  • Lap band modification surgery
  • Miniature gastric bypass revision surgery


The price is entirely dependent on the variables such as the degree of the clinic, the place where the facility is located, the degree of know-how of the surgeon, the kinds of devices being used, the sort of treatment chosen based on formerly done treatment, and the physical condition of the client.

The estimated cost for Revision Bariatric Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi may range from AED18,000 to AED28,000; however, the actual price can only be determined at the consultation time as per your problem.

Elements Affecting Cost:

The charges applied in this surgical treatment are dependent on numerous variables that consist of:

  • The know-how of the bariatric doctor in doing the surgical procedure is crucial in determining the cost. This treatment requires a great deal of care and also expertise to carry out. To get the optimum results out of this highly invasive surgery, it is suggested to get treated by a specialist. In contrast, bariatric specialists typically cost more for their solutions than practitioners.
  • The problem of the client matters a lot in deciding the expense of the surgery because there are various problems with operating or otherwise. Individuals with just excessive weight are good prospects for this treatment, yet many pre-requisite initiatives are called for if the client has any persistent illness, increasing the cost.
  • The facility’s online reputation is of terrific significance because highly reputed clinics cost much more for their high-quality solutions and ensure 100% outcomes.
  • The clinic’s location is also huge considering the cost variation. If the center is located in an area with high gentry, the clinic will elevate its price to offer the recipient services and the actual treatment.

Cons and Benefits:


  • Fewer intrusions
  • It involves faster recovery than standard surgery
  • High rates of success
  • It gives patients the result they were most interested in


Infection, blood clots, anesthesia responses, and bleeding can all happen.

A lot of scars

Why Choose Us?

Go for a revision if you have issues with the weight loss surgery you previously had to feel better. Our skilled surgeons at Enfield Royal Weight Loss Clinic are well-versed in providing you with the best care possible. Don’t go here and there; instead, take advantage of this fantastic offer and discover more about Revision Bariatric Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and the actual cost from the doctors at our clinic.