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Have you got a winning smile after tackling tooth troubles with braces? If you have braces to fix your crooked teeth, you need to keep them straight even after taking off the dental braces. There is a chance that the results achieved with this treatment will relapse or get reversed. Dentists suggest using a dental retainer for this. They don’t push your teeth but help to keep them in place. Retainers are like gentle bodyguards, standing guard to keep your grin intact. Plus, Retainers In Dubai are affordable to resume an aligned smile all the way! Continue reading to learn more about the cost-effective charm of Retainer Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

What Are Retainers? 

Teeth retainers are like special tools from the dentist that help keep your teeth straight after you’ve had braces or other treatments. They prevent your teeth from going back to their old positions. These come in a variety of styles, but they all serve the same purpose i.e. to keep your teeth in place once they’ve been straightened. Your dentist will guide you on when and how to use them to make sure your smile stays in great shape.


The importance of wearing a retainer is as much as the affect of actual treatment. The results in a quite effective and beneficial way providing structure and shape to the braces-treated teeth. It can be seen in the results how retainers make your teeth straight and inclined in the same direction as they are after removing the braces for a long go.

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There are no superior or inferior options, and your doctor will decide which one is the most suitable for your specific case. There are mainly three types of Dental Retainers:

  1. Hawley: These are the most used, most reliable, and easy to maintain. They are made up of a plastic part and a wire. They can properly support the teeth and at the same time provide stability. Also, the wire loop can be adjusted for appliance activation. These are removable and can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  2. Fixed: These are fixed in the patient’s mouth and are only used in situations where prolonged retention is needed and there is a risk of greater instability. They are fixed on the teeth with special dental adhesives or cement. They do not impact speech, follow-up visits are reduced. There is no tissue irritation in this case either.  
  3. Essix: These are invisible or clear ones that are made out of plastic and are removable. These are made out of thermoplastic sheets. Because of their invisibility, they give an amazing aesthetic effect. These are well accepted by the patients and have high strength.

The Essence Of The Treatment:

These are necessary to keep your teeth in the positions they acquired after the treatment because once the braces come off, the teeth have nothing holding them in place and the gums and bones keep changing as time goes on. Aging can have a significant impact on this situation. The patient will receive their appliance after approximately 14 days of removing their braces. They may need to wear them anywhere from 12 hours to 22 hours.

Potential Benefits: 

The following are the advantages of this course of action;

  • It keeps teeth from moving after receiving orthodontic therapy.
  • It will prevent teeth from gradually returning to their initial placements.
  • By maintaining the adjusted bite, you will experience an improvement in your ability to chew and communicate.
  • It is a modern, discrete, and detachable choice for convenience and hygienic reasons.
  • It protects your smile’s natural appearance.
  • It is designed to work best with the structure of your teeth.
  • To promote long-term dental health, it helps to maintain tooth alignment stability.
  • It serves as a shield to prevent teeth clenching and grinding.

How Much Does It Cost?

The doctor will determine the total charges after the initial consultation and evaluate the type of retainer you need. The estimated cost usually ranges from AED 799 to AED 1200

Factors Affecting The Cost:

The following variables impact the amount:

  • The type of appliance chosen by the patient.
  • Follow-up visits with the orthodontist

How Long Do You Have To Wear Them?

To keep your teeth straight after braces, you need to wear a retention device for life. Teeth can move back into their previous positions over time. If your retainer is removable, wear it almost all the time for the first six months, and then only at night. If you have a permanent retainer, it stays in place for the entire period. Your dentist will advise you on how long you should wear your retainer. Just follow your regular cleaning routine and you’re good to go. 

Is It Possible To Keep My Teeth Straight Without It?

No, it is not! Wear your retainer as instructed by your dentist to ensure that your teeth stay in place after braces are removed. It’s very natural for your teeth to shift over time, and this shift may be somewhat unpredictable.

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