Regenera Activa Nourish, Renew, Transform in Dubai Price & Cost

Baldness is a prevalent concern among a significant portion of the population in the UAE. Among the factors, heredity is commonly known but, some other components contribute to this issue which include malnutrition, environmental influences, medications, and hairstyling practices that can lead to baldness. The impact of these variables has prompted a growing interest in finding effective solutions. In response to these challenges, advancements in medical sciences have introduced innovative methods such as the Regenera Activa: Nourish, Renew, Transform in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. This remedy is formulated to tackle various reasons for baldness and provide a comprehensive approach to the revitalization of your curls. In the blog below, we will focus on the details of how these Regenera Activa Treatment are assisting people in the transformation of their appearance.

Aim Of The Treatment:

This cosmetic procedure aims to prevent scalp shedding and encourage hair growth. The formula incorporates a blend of undifferentiated cells, bioactive molecules, and developmental cells. The formula is administrated into the roots to kick-start the repairing process. Stem cells work to replenish and renew damaged or inactive follicles. The growth factors stimulate the production of vital proteins necessary for fiber growth, and source cells known for their role in tissue repair and regeneration, contributing to the overall restoration of the scalp environment. 

How Does It Work?

Here is a detailed explanation of how this transformative therapy is conducted to enhance your youthful appearance:

  • Firstly, it is important to consult with a certified specialist who will evaluate your hair’s condition, scrutinize your medical history, and identify factors contributing to hair loss. 
  • Following this, a personalized treatment plan is meticulously crafted to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • On the appointed day, an anesthetic cream is administered to the skin following a comprehensive cleansing procedure, reducing any potential discomfort throughout the session.
  • During the initial phase, small skin specimens, approximately 2.5mm in width, are gathered from the scalp. These samples are meticulously obtained from the sides, where the likelihood of hair loss is minimal.
  • Moving on, in the next stage a suspension solution is generated by centrifuging the collected prototype. This process separates the essential components from the solution.
  • At last, the injection is administered to the scalp through a specialized technique. The targeted area is typically the mesoderm, fostering growth and rejuvenating the hair shaft. Importantly, the overall session is virtually painless. 
  • Follow-up appointments if needed are scheduled to monitor the results of the treatment, and adjustments are made accordingly. If required, additional touch-ups are suggested to you.


The injections of Regenera Activa in Dubai have the following advantages:

  • The primary outcome is the remarkable restoration of your hairline, resulting in a healthy hairline.
  • A full head of hair contributes significantly to enhanced self-confidence and improved self-esteem.
  • The entire session is completed in just 30 minutes, with no downtime. You can seamlessly resume your daily activities.
  • Compared to other treatments, it stands out as an effective approach, delivering visible results within a month.
  • It represents a lasting, one-time investment, making it a cost-effective method. If needed, the procedure can be repeated every 2 to 3 years.
  • Additionally, there are no major side effects, as no chemicals or enzymes are delivered to the head. Minimal swelling, a common side effect, is the only sensation you may experience.
  • Being a non-surgical method, it leaves no scars on your skin, preserving the natural essence.
  • The noteworthy aspect is its compatibility with other procedures customized to your specific case, ensuring the best possible outcomes. 

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