Redermalization Treatment Cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

As we grow old, it’s marks start to appear on our skin. Facial creases, lines, and wrinkles are most common among people getting old. Many people want to restore their youthfulness and rejuvenate their skin. For that to happen, doctors have found a new cure that naturally induces the rejuvenation of facial skin and is long-lasting. In this technique, a mix of hyaluronic acid and sodium succinate is specially combined through a specific technique and injected into an individual. Hyaluronic acid, with its natural hydrating properties, freshens the skin and produces extraordinary results.

Continue reading to know all about the Redermalization Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and the factors that affect it.

What is the Treatment?

Hyaluronic acid and succinic acid are used in this therapy in the form of injections to revive the skin’s freshness and youth. To renew the skin and reduce indications of aging, both chemicals are necessary. While succinic acid boosts the formation of elastin and also collagen, hyaluronic acid, another ingredient in the treatment, reduces skin dryness and helps in hydrating the skin. Additionally, succinic acid cleanses the skin and lessens skin pigmentation by evening out the skin tone.


In contrast with the other treatments, dermalization works by doing three things:

  • It improves the cellular control of biochemical processes,
  • It is key to restoring water balance in an individual and
  • It halts the growth of free radicals.

The recovery period of this technique is not very long and one could restart normal life in a day or two. The optimal results would start to appear after 3-4 sessions and every session is normally scheduled after 2-3 weeks from each.

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This technique is relatively useful for a variety of reasons. Those include:

  • Rejuvenates and brings freshness to the skin by removing its loose form and by tightening it,
  • It also contributes to the even tone and texture of the skin,
  • It helps one get rid of wrinkles creases and facial lines,
  • Keeps skin hydrated and 
  • Reduces the marks of acne and freckles.

Who can get the treatment?

it’s an ideal solution for those who have dehydrated skin or they have fine lines and wrinkles on their face. Moreover, people with hyperpigmentation can also try this to remove the pigmentation. Besides this, people with facial lines and creases that appear as a result of aging can also undergo this treatment.

Cost of Redermalization Therapy:

The average Redermalization Treatment Cost in Dubai ranges from AED 1500 to AED 5500 The final price of the therapy depends on several variables that are discussed below. The dermatologist or the skin specialist considers all these factors before determining the cost.

What are the Factors Affecting the Cost?

The following variables play an important role in determining the cost of the treatment:

Type of Injections Used:

The type of injections administered by the skin specialist has an impact on the pricing as well because different injections have varying prices.

Area of Therapy:

how big the area is that will get the shots. The price of the procedure rises with an increase in the number of injection locations. this is because more solutions must be utilized.

Expected Outcome:

The dermatologist designs the entire course of treatment to achieve the patient’s goals. This has an impact on the quantity, kind, and content of the injections used.

Sessions Required:

One session of therapy is not enough to complete the treatment. To get the desired outcomes, you need to attend multiple sessions. The price will increase if additional sessions are needed to get the desired outcome.

Number of Injections:

As these are directly related to one another, an increase in the number of injections results in a rise in the therapy’s cost.

Location of Clinic:

The cost of the services provided by a clinic will be higher if it is situated in a desirable area compared to a local clinic.

Current Condition:

Planning the treatment heavily relies on the recipient’s present condition. As a result, the skin specialist carefully assesses the patient’s existing state before formulating a treatment plan.

Skin Specialist’s Expertise:

The overall cost of the therapy is influenced by the dermatologist performing the procedure as well as their experience and ability. This is a result of the therapies’ expertise-based pricing.

Insurance Coverage:

Insurance companies are renowned for paying for procedures that are crucial to a person’s health and well-being. Given that these fall under the area of aesthetic treatments, the expense of redermalization procedures for the skin is typically not covered.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

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