Reclaiming Your Complexion: The Art Of Treating Actinic Keratosis Dubai

If you are a beach person, or do you enjoy spending your time outdoors? There are a few important precautions to follow during summertime! From keeping yourself cool and hydrated to seeking maximum protection from sunscreen. In case you feel mild rashes or irritation on the skin due to a burning sensation. Or have you noticed a bunch of dark and painful spots occurring on the skin? Be sure to reach out for immediate help. Read about; Reclaiming Your Complexion: The Art Of Treating Actinic Keratosis in Dubai, Abu Dhai & Sharjah. And explore; Actinic Keratosis Treatment In Dubai.

What Causes Actinic Keratosis?

The fact about sun rays is that, although these are vital to life, however, they can be extremely harmful as well. The UV light will destroy our skin’s protection barriers and begin to banish the essential cells underneath. This may also lead to a cancerous or life-threatening condition. This uncontrollable widespread of dark spots all across the body is known as Solar or Actinic Keratosis.

Is It Curable?

There are a few precautions and care to practice if you do not wish to develop this skin problem;

  • Apply a higher SPF even when it rains or shines.
  • Refrain from direct sun exposure and humid areas.
  • Take cover or shelter from the scorching heat.
  • Wear soft fabricated clothes with breezy garments.
  • Take a shower regularly and use chemical-free products.

It Is Treatable?

There is a time limit to each diagnosis and treatment option. If left untreated, it may develop into skin cancer. However, if you reach out for help on time, this skin problem is surely treatable. There are a variety of non-surgical options to choose from. But to completely banish the problem to its very core, we usually settle for Lasers in terms of treating the affected tissues deep beneath the dermal layers of the scars.

What Is The Procedure?

This non-invasive plan of action will take place inside a Doctor’s office. Below is a general outline to give you a brief guideline of the process;

  • First things first, the expert will perform a detailed analysis of your dermal condition. Whether it be your face or overall body. We need to examine your skin and scroll through your previous medical records beforehand.
  • After a green signal, you are signed up for this therapy. The expert will have your skin cleansed and disinfected from sweat glands or other toxins from the topical products.
  • The next step is to; draw attention toward the respective device. It is switched on and drawn on the affected areas under care.
  • It will take an hour or more, depending on your dermal condition to perform the entire therapy. Moreover, you are required to undergo a number of essential sessions to reach your desired goals.
  • Furthermore, the heat energy will enter the dermis and break off the pigmented scars and spots from the top to the bottom.
  • This allows blood circulation and the production of collagen cells. The repairing mechanism will take control of the situation while collaborating with the versatility of the treatment and instilling great improvements into your skin.
  • You will notice a mild redness or inflammation on top. There is nothing worrisome to it. A topical gel is prescribed to you to tame the soreness after the therapy.

What Are The Expected Results And Benefits?

Explore the miraculous effects of Actinic Keratosis Treatment In Dubai;

  • All the dry patches or rough marks on the surface will fade away within the initial sessions.
  • The versatile action plan with not only improve the overall texture of the skin. But also upgrade the quality and elasticity of the exterior. 
  • You will notice a smooth and even texture. There is firm tightness and radiance glowing on top as well.
  • There are no side effects to this therapy. Neither will you experience any pain or bleeding during or after the process.
  • Any formed discoloration or tanned lines due to heat or humidity will also disperse smoothly.
  • This is a complete rejuvenation of your entire dermal condition. The good news is; that the continuous production of cell turnovers will repair the barriers to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Furthermore, your entire complexion will brighten up. You look youthful and radiant. This will boost your confidence and increase your self-esteem too.
  • And finally, there is no downtime to this treatment. You can comfortably drive yourself back to work or home. And simply call it a day!

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