Qualities Of Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

No matter how advanced a treatment is, if it’s not performed by qualified practitioners at a reputable clinic, it will not produce effective results. Think of it as a banker trying to perform complicated medical operations, they would fail miserably, right? This is why the Qualities Of Hair Transplant Clinic can be influenced for many reasons. Read along to understand how to find and choose your best options. We offer one-on-one consultation sessions to learn more details about your specific needs and prepare a diagnosis. Hair Transplants In Dubai is a great innovation in the field of dermatology. It helps to restore dry and damaged follicles effectively. So, we will guide you about hair implant methods, the significance of selecting the right hospital, and the factors that make it credible. At the end, we will also suggest an optimal option for you to choose.

Hair Transplants:

A procedure in which straps of skin or individual follicles are taken from the chosen area of the skin and injected into the affected region. 

Treatment Options:

Treatment options can vary due to different reasons. Let’s look at some of them available at the Hair transplant clinic in Dubai. 

  • FUT: An invasive method of taking special grafts from the back of your scalp and transplanting these grafts in the damaged area. 
  • FUE: It is similar to the previous method, the only difference is that it takes follicles instead of a patch from the skin. Then they are placed in a place where hair is less.
  • DHI: It focuses on the transplantation through a special pen-like instrument.

Characteristics Of A Good Clinic:

With so many options available it can be really hard to come to a decision. But, we will list some factors that can help you differentiate a good candidate from a bad one. They are as follows:

  • Look at the medical profile of the specialists working at the hospital. They must possess an exceptional level of skill and expertise. It’s better if they have taken any training or are awarded with certificates from international organizations.
  • The appointment session is an important judge of how committed they are. If they communicate effectively you can be certain about their credibility.
  • When you purchase something you first read customer reviews of that product similarly when choosing the clinic patients must check if they have a history of repeated positive and engaging compliments.
  • Innovative and over-the-top instruments and machinery should be employed. They must not be using any traditional and ancient practices.
  • Before the session, you must be provided with clear instructions on the price of the total package. Beware of the scammers here.
  • The medical center should be committed to further improving its standards. 
  • There should be no language barriers. The medical team and staff should be fluent in English and the local language to avoid any difficulty in communicating with international patients specifically.
  • A clean environment can help to attract more clients. All SOPs must be followed.


If you are looking for options available for Hair Transplant in Dubai, you are at the right place. We suggest visiting our clinic. Here are some of the characteristics that we possess that sets us apart from our competitors:

  • We will not charge any fees for consultation.
  • Although we are located in Dubai, language is not an issue for us. Our team can talk in both English and Arabic.
  • The medical profiles of our doctors are filled with encouraging responses.
  • We have a team of not only expert medical professionals but our staff is also very well educated.
  • At our institution, we are equipped with modernized machines and tools.
  • We try to communicate about everything that comes in the process of starting and ending treatment.
  • Our pricing plan is affordable and we don’t aim to hide or conceal any additional charges.
  • We offer our clients to check and confirm the differences by taking a look at the photos of previous patients maintained at the clinic. 
  • The location of our clinic is very easy to find. 
  • SOPs are followed intensively here.

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