PRP Treatment For Beard Growth Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

In this revolution world, one of the most done and most successful treatment is PRP which provides efficient results in less time as well as it never fails due to its same-blood nature. This procedure is found quite effective in treating joint pain and inflammation, resolving skin issues, for fast healing of injuries, removing blemishes, and for many other effects as well.

The procedure of PRP Treatment For Beard Growth Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah involves taking one’s own blood in a glass tube which is then set into a centrifuging machine. The machine will centrifuge the blood and separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other elements of the blood. That platelet-rich plasma is then infused back into the targetted area to stimulate the natural growth of elements such as glutathione which is no doubt the best antioxidant having great abilities to cure pain, enhance the efficiency of cells and fight against any damage to the cells.

Beard Growth with PRP:

In the previous few years, it is found that PRP is greatly affecting the hair loss issue by stimulating the growth of hair and enhancing volume. Its benefits in promoting the growth of hair and restoration have been found to increase with time and with the interest of people getting better results by just having a single procedure of PRP without any other supplements and surgical treatments. The procedure involves a deep analysis of the beard in order to check out the presence of follicles then a required amount of blood is extracted from the veins with the help of a syringe. Which is then centrifuged in order to separate the Platelet Rich Plasma from it which is then infused along with the receding line of the beard and in the overall area.


PRP not only shows advantageous results in androgenetic alopecia but it is quite beneficial in treating alopecia areata of beard. Following are some elements found in PRP that help in increasing the volume and growth of hair:

  • PDGF:

It prompts the growth of blood vessels and cell replication that help in increasing the volume of hairs as well as in skin formation.

  • FGF-2:

It is a fibroblast growth factor that helps out in the growth of the specialized cell.

  • IGF:

This specific cell is helpful in regulating normal physiology to let the damaged cells maintain their shape and structure for healthy working.

  • VEGF:

It also helps in the formation and healing of blood vessels.

  • TGF-b:

It helps out in enhancing the growth of the matrix between the different kinds of cells to help in simultaneous recovery.

  • EGF:

Help out in cell growth, and the formation of collagen and blood vessels for a better flow of blood to the targeted follicles.

Other Effective Options:

There are a few things that are needed to be cleared for every person so that they know the purpose of PRP and know if they are eligible for the PRP treatment:

  • PRP only treats patchy and volumeless beards. It does not work on areas that are found to be passed through some skin trauma or with acne or any such issue that completely wipe out the follicles for the affected area.
  • Second and the most important is PRP is a procedure that contains growth-stimulating elements which means that the presence of follicles is really a must in order to make it healthy and productive to enhance the growth of hairs. So if there are no follicles to treat then PRP will not give you any output.

If you are facing any one of the above-mentioned issues then the best option to yield outputs is hair transplant which uses FUT or FUE Hair Transplant Technique.

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