PRP Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

This is a compelling and well-informed treatment that is an expected option in contrast to a medical procedure. It utilizes exceptionally focused measurements of platelets arranged from your own blood to get you relief from lower pain. As well the cost of PRP Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is also very affordable.

Pain Causes:

The lumbar region of the spine is arranged behind the stomach and stretches to the pelvis. Anybody can experience the ill effects of lumbar spine agony or lower back torment, yet it commonly begins in your mid-20s and endures over the course of being an adult. It very well may be welcomed by strong issues, injury, abuse, and joint inflammation. Individuals whose occupation includes truly difficult work or delayed times of sitting are inclined to experience the ill effects of lumbar spine torment. Side effects can go from a dull long to sharp shooting or horrible feelings.

What this Treatment is All About?

The dermatologist will initially draw blood from the body probably from the vein in the elbow. The blood sample is then turned into a rotator to isolate the platelets from the remaining blood. The Lower Spine area of your body is then made numb with a sedative. The platelet-rich piece of your blood is then infused into your lumber region. Sometimes, your primary care physician might involve ultrasound direction for appropriate needle position.


Best Clinic of PRP Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Dubai   Best PRP Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Dubai   PRP Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Dubai


After PRP infusions, you’ll presumably have some touchiness in the infusion site. A few patients report irritation that endures for a day while others say it can keep going for about seven days. Since PRP works by animating regular mending reactions, it can require half a month until you notice the consequences of your treatment. 

  • It is typical to feel some uneasiness at the infusion site for a couple of days after your methodology.
  • You will be recommended torment prescriptions by your primary care physician.
  • You might utilize cold packs to ease your side effects.
  • You will be told to stop any calming prescriptions.
  • You might continue your ordinary exercises however ought to stay away from any difficult exercises, for example, hard work or activities.

How Beneficial it is to have PRP Treatment?

  • There is no entry point, no medical procedure, and no personal time. 
  • PRP treatment can be done in our clinic as a speedy short-term method.
  • PRP treatment alleviates torment and advances enduring mending.
  • It might dispense with the requirement for a medical procedure on the off chance that the injury is analyzed and treated sooner rather than later.
  • Wounds recuperate quicker than with medical procedures.
  • Since you accept your own platelets, there is no gamble of contagious contamination or chance of your body dismissing the cells.

What is the Expected Cost of PRP injections in Dubai?

The cost of this treatment depends upon multiple factors such as the level of the clinic, geographical location of the clinic, the expertise of the dermatologist, type of equipment used, and the number of injections needed by a patient as per condition or pain.

The estimated cost of PRP Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Dubai may range from AED700 to AED800 per syringe. But the actual cost can only be determined through consultation with expert surgeons.

Why Choose Us?

If you are feeling pain in the lumbar region and want to get relief noninvasively then consult with our expert dermatologist at Enfield Royal Hair Clinic. Our clinic is offering a very first free consultation with the surgeons. So go grab this offer and get to know more about PRP Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, and its cost.