PRP Rejuvenation Therapy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal

One of the most effective methods of rejuvenation is considered to be PRP Rejuvenation Therapy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, the essence of which is the injection of his own platelet-rich plasma into the patient’s skin. This procedure activates the processes of skin regeneration, neogenesis of collagen and elastin fibers, healing of microtraumas, and restoration of water-lipid balance.

How does PRP Therapy Work?

Initially, drugs based on platelet mass were used in hematology for the treatment of cancers of the hematopoietic system. However, scientific studies have proven the presence of growth factors in these blood cells that stimulate natural tissue repair – the healing of chronic wounds, bone growth in preparation for dental implantation in dentistry, etc. This property has been adopted by cosmetology, and PRP therapy has taken one of the leading places in the ranking of anti-aging procedures.

The uniqueness of growth factors lies in their ability to normalize the biological processes that regulate tissue regeneration and repair, which means rejuvenating the body from the inside using its own resources.

Skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles are associated not only with a violation of the mechanisms of epidermis renewal but also with structural changes in collagen and elastin, the fibers of which are responsible for the condition of the skin, their elasticity, and smoothness. To restore the normal concentration and quality of these elements in the skin, it is necessary to activate the work of fibroblasts and increase their number. This is exactly the problem that PRP Rejuvenation Therapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi solves.

After the introduction of plasma into the dermis, there is a rapid division of connective tissue cells and activation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Regular use of plasma therapy guarantees an improvement in skin color, its elasticity, and smoothness, and a decrease in the severity of wrinkles and pigmentation.

How is the Treatment Performed?

A small amount of blood is taken from the patient, and processed in a centrifuge under certain conditions, allowing the plasma to be separated from the blood cells. The separated plasma contains high concentrations of platelets. The finished product is administered intradermally. To do this, the injection site is anesthetized with cream and treated with an antiseptic.

With the help of thin needles, the concentrate is injected into the affected areas. Recovery after the treatment occurs within 1-4 days. However, for 2-3 days you should not sunbathe, use the solarium, or go to the sauna and swimming pool. With the treatment, as a rule, 3-4 procedures are performed, every 7-15 days. This allows you to maintain a persistent and pronounced effect of rejuvenation.

In cosmetology, the treatment is successfully used to correct age-related skin changes, as well as in the treatment of scars and stretch marks, acne, post-acne, and skin rehabilitation after photodamage and peeling.

The procedure is also effective for the treatment of alopecia or hair loss. For this, the plasma is pointwise injected into the skin of the scalp. As a result, blood circulation improves, metabolism normalizes, and local skin immunity increases.

What are the Benefits of Treatment?

Following are some of the advantages of the treatment:

  • Collagen recovery the complex stimulates the restoration of collagen more effectively, which gives a rejuvenating effect.
  • In comprehensive acne treatment, the drug has an antibacterial effect and demonstrates the highest efficiency in the complex treatment of acne.
  • Instant effect already after the first procedure, the result will be noticeable, after completing the course, your skin will become perfect.
  • The unique drug is created individually on the basis of the patient’s own blood plasma.
  • Has no side effects and does not cause allergic reactions.

What Results in Will You Get?

The most pleasant is a significant change in the condition of the skin of the face. In simple words rejuvenation in the literal sense. You will see and feel that:

  • The tissues have become more elastic, 
  • Skin seems to shine it has a pleasant,
  • A healthy, even tone,
  • Small wrinkles have completely disappeared,
  • Deep ones have smoothed out by 50-60%
  • The pores have narrowed, and excess fat has disappeared

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Why Choose Us?

During the PRP Rejuvenation Therapy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, a material extracted from your own body is used, therefore the method is as natural, safe, and effective as possible. In addition, complications in the form of allergies and rejections are completely excluded. PRP therapy is suitable for both men and women of all ages. Injections can be done in any season; they are perfectly combined with all anti-age procedures. Get the treatment performed at Enfield Royal Clinic.