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Everyone wants fast and effective solutions to their current problems. Ideally, when it comes to hair recession due to genetics or stress in particular. People naturally panic and stress out themselves thinking about the consequences of the outcome. However, hair thinning and falling is frightful However, unlike plants, with care and proper treatment, the growth can be restored for good. This is exactly what we are doing at our clinic. Find our exclusive details about; PRP Hair Treatment: Indications: Results And Prices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Or visit our website for further information.

What Is The Purpose Of The Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a potential procedure that is designed from your own blood cells. What happens is that we will separate the white blood cells from the healthy reds and inject them back into the required areas of the body. This procedure is an umbrella treatment that belongs to the Regenerative Medicines. The goal is to provide stem cells into the affected region and naturally target the problem without putting the patient under a knife. It is a complete non-surgical method to address your concerns. However, we do recommend our patients come on an empty stomach for their appointments.

How Does It Work On Hair Growth?

There is collagen inside the skin which acts and protects the entire system. The skin cells multiply with the help of blood circulation and keep the hair strong and long. However, if the blood flow pauses due to any sudden factor, it will create a downfall to the hair’s prosperity. To restore the positive effects, stem cells are reintroduced within the scalp. It will multiply the collagen cells and regrow new follicles within a short period of time. The aim of the treatment is to naturally grow your own hair without any artificial methods. 

What Are The Expected Results After The Therapy?

It takes a short while before the productive outcomes begin to reveal itself. Depending on your hair loss, it may take 4 weeks to 12 weeks to grow new follicles. However, it usually takes about a month to develop early signs of improvement. Eventually, with a complete treatment, you will experience a full set of healthy hair on your head in less than 6 to 8 months.

How Is The Method Performed?

This is a non-invasive procedure that takes place inside a Doctor’s office. Below is a step-by-step guide to enlighten you about the process;

  • First things first, we require a complete medical history of our patients. If you happen to be our regular client, we will access the information from our systems.
  • Furthermore, additional tests may be implemented in order to diagnose the depth of the problem and implement the action accordingly.
  • After careful analysis, we will draw our attention to the main plan of action. This is when a nurse will draw some blood from your arms.
  • The samples are filled into a number of syringes. These are placed into a special machine that is responsible for extracting the stem cells from the inflammatory cells.
  • The plasma-rich injections are directly inserted into your scalp. This process is going to take about an hour on an average basis.
  • In the end, you are signed up for a follow-up session and sent home with a few aftercare precautions to prevent any mishap.

What Are The Ideal Benefits For Me?

There are numerous advantages to opting for this miraculous treatment. Below are a few happy facts for you;

  • It is an organic method to effortlessly restore your hairline. You will notice thickness and density in your newly grown follicles.
  • The continuous repairing mechanism is going to sustain the length of the hair too. Even the previous split ends are going to diminish for good. 
  • You can easily scalp massage and resume your hair care without going through any extreme fallout or breakage.
  • Combing or shampooing on a regular basis is also not going to cause any damage to the strands. 
  • Moreover, you can use your styling tools and create as many hairstyles as you wish. Candidates talk about enjoying their new looks from time to time.
  • Haircuts will no longer impact your hair growth nor will they create thinness to the volume. 
  • On top of that, you can reach out for maintenance without having to go through any downtime at all.
  • Lastly, it is an affordable therapy that will produce greater results in the long run as well without any side effects on your overall health.

What Is The Cost Of The Treatment?

The final estimation is going to fluctuate according to each individual’s aesthetic concerns and requirements. Furthermore, you may need additional sessions to reach your standard goals. Therefore, only an expert in charge is able to highlight the exact value of the therapy. However, to highlight the average cost of PRP Hair Treatment In Dubai, the amount is priced at AED 700 per session.

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