Best PRP for Full Lips in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic

If you’re thinking about getting PRP for your lips, the effectiveness will be determined by your skincare condition. Do you want to increase the volume of your lips? A cosmetic filler to correct thin lips is likely to be your answer to plump fullness. On the other hand, PRP for Full Lips in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is one of the best lip smoothing treatments if you want a more natural effect or want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What Does PRP for Full Lips do?

It is extremely effective in revitalizing the outer layer of the skin from within. The regenerative growth elements are obtained from your own blood and injected under the skin, after which the active process of regeneration of the skin in and around the mouth begins.

As a result, the number of stem cells increases. Increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The circulation improves. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced over time. The structure of the skin is renewed and becomes more uniform and smooth. Their lips look younger.

What are the Benefits?

The PRP for Full Lips in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah has the following advantages:

No foreign objects are used: To make platelet-rich plasma, autologous stem cells are taken from the customer’s own blood, and these stem cells will be used to conduct lip injection.

Professional help: Our PRP treatment team ensures that the process is carried out by qualified medical professionals, assuring patient safety.

Recovery time is shorter: Stem cells encourage cell growth and speed wound healing. The healing period will be significantly reduced after spraying the lips.

Rejuvenated and fuller lips: Your body’s collagen synthesis will be accelerated thanks to stem cells, which can have a significant impact on repairing fresh, pink, and natural lip skin following lip needling.

What is the Procedure?

The treatment follows these steps:

Initial Consultation and Examination:

Our doctors at Enfield Royal Clinic will select the most suitable lip shape for you based on your personal situation and face shape.

Extraction of Autologous Stem Cells:

We will take about 20 milliliters of the client’s blood and centrifuge it to obtain stem cells, commonly known as platelet-rich plasma.

Lip Anesthetics:

Anesthesia will be used to desensitize the client’s lips so that the lip fixation procedure is very gentle and painless.


Needles are done on numb lips to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. The stem cells will be evenly distributed over the lips to stimulate collagen formation and help color the lips. From now on, your lips will be thick and youthful.

Why Choose PRP for Lips?

Your aesthetic objectives will determine whether you should utilize a filler or PRP injections. If you’re looking for a specific treatment, PRP may be the way to go. Get the treatment if you are:

  • Worried about the little risk of lumps and bumps that might occur when fillers are used
  • Looking for a therapy that uses your own blood to eliminate the possibility of an adverse reaction
  • Looking for a minor lip modification that will give you a more natural look

What Results can you Achieve?

With precisely focused injections, the major benefit of PRP is to generate a smoother lip. PRP for Full Lips in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can help in the following ways:

  • Improve the vertical lines on the upper and lower lips.
  • Reduce the appearance of Smoker’s Lines, which are vertical lines around the mouth.
  • Enhance the texture of the skin on and around the mouth.
  • Densify the skin around the lips to give them a naturally plump appearance.

Best Clinic of PRP for Full Lips Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Clinic of PRP for Full Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best PRP for Full Lips Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best PRP for Full Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   PRP for Full Lips Dubai & Abu Dhabi   PRP for Full Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Where to Get the Treatment?

Enfield Royal Hair Clinic in Dubai offers a full range of PRP treatments. In addition, we offer many other effective treatments to improve skin health and overall appearance. Receive in-clinic treatment from our experienced professionals and trained staff. You even get a free initial consultation where your doctor discusses your treatment and your concerns in detail.