Pros And Cons of Pimple Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Pimples are the starting point of acne which is very common in teenagers and women below 30. When not given proper knowledge then teen girls usually try to pinch the growing pimples that lead to their growth and also leave scars on the skin. Pimples are needed to be treated with the right movement. They can be formed due to hormonal changes or excessive sebum production from sebaceous glands. So it is important to know the exact cause of the pimples. And a proper study about the Pros And Cons of Pimple Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah should also be advised to let them know what sort of treatments are available in order to fight against this issue and what can be their consequences.

Causes of Acne:

Acne can be brought on by aging-related changes or be brought on by inherited disorders. Children have smaller oil glands, but hormonal changes and development factors tend to make them bigger. Hormones are crucial for the body, epidermis, muscular development, and general growth during the growth period. However, these hormonal adjustments also irritate the oil glands, or the skin’s lymphatic vessels, which causes acne.


Chemical peels are an exfoliating procedure that can be used to treat aggressive acne, acne-prone skin, or skin with blemishes. Blackheads, whiteheads, red pimples, and even pus-filled acne may all be reduced with the aid of the beta hydroxy acids used in exfoliation for acne since they are lipophilic, which makes it easy for them to target the oil glands that cause acne. Gently exfoliating the skin throughout the procedure results in brighter, more youthful skin with fewer acne scars and blemishes. One of the most common skin treatments to cure acne and stop it from returning is performed at several institutions.


Even extremely severe acne can be treated with the procedures we provide at the Best Clinic in Dubai. Our skilled dermatologists can assist you in getting rid of zits by executing extremely efficient treatments on your skin. The method will be selected based on your skin type and the severity of your acne. The top seven advantages of acne treatments are,

  • delivers immediate and durable effects
  • lowers the chance of developing permanent scarring
  • a non-invasive treatment for acne issues
  • stops minor acne from getting worse
  • also eliminates current lesions in one motion.
  • by addressing the underlying problem, it stops the emergence of new ones.
  • Make the skin seem clear and lovely by cleaning the skin’s surface.


Along with a bundle of advantages, there are also a number of disadvantages to this procedure These are caused by three factors: first, the dermatologist doing the treatment has a poor experience, second, the skin is sensitive and fatigued, and third, the aftercare is poor. These adverse consequences consist of:

  • long-lasting skin bruising, such as for one to two days
  • Skin that has been red for a few hours.
  • inflammation in the treated region
  • burning in the vicinity
  • Driedness and dehydration
  • Rashes across the treatment region might be an uncommon concern.
  • If you don’t protect the skin from the sun for the first several days following the treatment, apply patches on it.


Measuring cost is not a matter of the extensive elements such as the type of chemical used for the treatment or the number of pimples on the skin but it is a matter of discussing what consumes the cost. The basic consumer of costs include:

  • The level of the clinic
  • The expertise of the dermatologists
  • The condition of the skin
  • Duration of the Pimples
  • Number of sessions required

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