Preventing & Treating Actinic Keratosis in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

The sun, as vital as it is to live, can also be a source of multiple skin conditions due to the number of UV rays that sunlight contains. During the last century or so, cases of skin diseases caused by UV exposure have dramatically increased and with the increase in pollution and toxins in the air and the damage they cause to the ozone layer, it is predicted that these problems are just beginning. One of these skin conditions, which can even turn into a form of skin cancer, is known as Actinic Keratosis, also known as solar keratosis. Preventing & Treating Actinic Keratosis in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah early can help in resolving the issue with medication. 

Prevention Is Better Than Treatment:

Solar keratosis is not threatening and can sometimes resolve on its own but in cases where even topical ointments or gels fail to resolve Actinic Keratosis, other cosmetic treatment options are considered. Symptoms include a rash or scaly patch on the skin with colors ranging between brown, red or pink. Usually occurring on the upper torso, this condition can worsen if left untreated and may spread to other areas. Exposure to UV rays through sunlight or any unnatural source can increase the number of scaly patches of dry itchy skin, and if left untreated the condition may evolve into a cancerous form known as squamous cell carcinoma which is not usually life-threatening if detected early. If unresponsive, other treatment plans may be required which are designed specifically for treating solar keratosis. Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai offers multiple options in this regard, continue reading below for more information on the subject.

When To Seek Help:

It is advised to consult a dermatologist if you have any of the following symptoms

  • A dry bump or rash appearing on the upper torso, face, or head
  • Bleeding or swelling in the patchy area
  • Discoloration of skin
  • Itching, or a burning sensation

Some skin types are more prone to this condition but only a specialist can determine the nature and progress of actinic keratosis.


Best Preventing & Treating Actinic Keratosis in Dubai Preventing & Treating Actinic Keratosis in Dubai Preventing & Treating Actinic Keratosis Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Diagnosis Is the Key:

This skin condition can sometimes be confused with other forms of skin diseases which is why we recommend making a brief consultation before opting for any of the treatments mentioned below. If for some reason you have failed to get yourself checked in time, remember that it is never too late to seek immediate care especially when the alternative is cancer. During your initial consultation, keep the following points under consideration,

  • Make sure to discuss your complete medical history including any previous treatment.
  • Any medication that you are taking or any allergies you may have. 
  • You should also avoid smoking or drinking since these inhibit your body’s ability to heal faster.

Different Treatment Options:

In most progressive cases of actinic keratosis, ointments, and gels often fail to completely heal the rash. This is where cosmetology and dermatology combine and provide a number of treatment procedures for this small yet dangerous skin problem.  All the treatments are designed specifically for this purpose including but limited to,

  • Laser Therapy:

Ablative lasers have become increasingly popular in treating solar keratosis and help by destroying selective tissue affected by the skin condition. These may result in scarring or burns.

  • Cryotherapy:

This involves treating the affected area with liquid nitrogen to remove the damaged tissue. The freezing temperature damages the tissue which peels off leaving fresh new skin. This method is quick but may result in swelling, blisters, and redness. OTC ointments may be prescribed to help with the healing afterward.

  • Chemical Peel Therapy:

This involves using medical-grade chemicals which are designed especially for treating Actinic Keratosis. Results are quick and painless but the method is performed only by a medical specialist.

  • Curettage:

In this method a special tool is designed to scrape off the damaged tissue. This is recommended in case you have a thicker type of keratosis. Combined with electrosurgery, this treatment works by destroying the tissue after scraping off the dead cells above.


Even after your solar keratosis heals, bear the following instruction in mind to avoid future outbreaks.

  • Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays.
  • Make it a habit to use sunblock.
  • Use protective clothing if you have to be in the sun.
  • Examine skin regularly to spot any new patches immediately.

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