Port Wine Stains Removal Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Deal

Most congenital marks are either present at birth or appear within a few months of birth. The stain is usually pink in its early stages, and its color darkens over time, with a reddish, purplish discoloration and thickening of the skin. Although they are often seen on the face, they can also be seen on any body part. It may be associated with some other diseases and may accompany various syndromes. Port Wine Stains Removal Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can depend on the size and number of stains present on a person’s skin.

How are they Treated?

One of the most effective treatments for port-wine stains is laser therapy. It attacks the skin’s vascular structures and hemoglobin. The wine’s color is lightened as a result of the absorbed energy.

How Effective is the Treatment?

Port-wine stains, rose stains, hemangiomas, capillary enlargement, increased skin blood supply, spider nevi, rosacea, dermatological disorders that cause reddened lesions on the skin, scars, and keloids, which are excess tissue that forms during the healing process because of skin damage. It can be used to reduce puffiness caused by proliferation with success.


The Port Wine Stains Removal Cost in Dubai can range from AED 499 to AED 2999. The cost can vary depending on the number of sessions needed, a technique used, doctor’s qualifications, and clinic level. The doctor will determine the actual price after the initial consultation.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

Lasers can be used to treat port-wine stains, but you must examine the many different aspects that influence the cost of treatment before proceeding. Some of the elements are as follows:

Number of Stains:

Multiple stains of various sizes can be found on newborns. Targeting each will increase the cost, and the larger the target, the higher the price.

Number of Sessions:

To altogether remove the birthmark, each treatment requires numerous sessions. The more sessions you must attend, the more you will have to pay.

Qualification of a Doctor:

A doctor’s training, education, and skill all play a role in setting the price. The greater a doctor’s experience, the more likely he will charge for his services.

Location of the Clinic:

The cost of the clinic’s services is also determined by the area, region, and city in which it is located.


A local anesthetic is given during the procedure to alleviate any discomfort or agony produced by laser exposure. Anesthesia costs are included in the total price.

Is the Treatment Necessary?

A port-wine stain will not heal on its own. If treatment is desired, laser treatment is the most appropriate option. More satisfactory results are obtained when the treatment is performed without the formation of blisters and the darkening of the color. Therefore, early treatment is recommended.

Insurance Coverage:

When the symptoms of an illness are so severe that they interfere with your daily life, most insurance companies only pay the price of treatment that is absolutely required and cannot be avoided. If the treatment is only for cosmetic reasons and can be avoided easily, insurance companies are unlikely to fund it.

Because it is solely a cosmetic operation, the Port Wine Stains Removal Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is not covered by insurance.

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