Port Wine Stain On Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Cost

Your skin reflects your beauty and having bright radiant skin seems like a miracle. Women face many skin problems and usually, they are unaware of their solutions. Nowadays cosmetic surgery has gained wide progress and popularity. Skin problems are easily treated by various effective treatments and procedures. Similarly, the small stain called a birthmark can also be removed by treating it properly. Some people feel comfortable with the Port Wine Stain on Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and they believe in this myth that is a sign of beauty. They can be developed anywhere in the body but some body areas are more prone to them. Though these birthmarks are harmless they develop due to some abnormalities in their blood vessels and it is sometimes better to treat them.

What is the Port Wine Stain?

A port stain is a permanent purple or red birthmark that is formed on the skin. Capillaries are usually narrow and thin but abnormality in the blood vessel causes it to dilate which allows more blood to flow. The collection of blood in the vessel gives these stains a distinctive color. They appear as flat, smooth stains and may grow with age. They become larger and bumper as the capillaries grow larger. They have formed anywhere on the body such as the forehead, scalp, around the eyes, and at the end of your face. The formation of these port wine stains on these body areas is a sign of Sturge weber syndrome. This condition occurs when there is an abnormality in the blood vessels of a brain area that obstructs the normal blood flow to the brain region.

How it is Treated?

The port wine stains usually do not require medical treatment but some people treat them due to some reasons such as

  • Risk of increased inflammation and bleeding due to trauma
  • More dilation of vessels may get worse.
  • Growth of that mark may create a bump in your skin.
  • Self-esteem and socialization.

Laser Therapy:

The most common treatment for treating port wine stains is laser therapy. It gives more effective results at a younger age. This treatment is done by a dry laser that shrinks all the vessels and fades the birthmark. Laser therapy is completed in brief time intervals and done every couple of months. They may cause redness, inflammation, sore like a sunburn. If you feel pain or discomfort then an anesthetic ointment is applied to that particular area that causes numbness. If a newborn baby is to be treated then local anesthesia is administered so that he sleeps during the procedure and does not feel any pain and agony. They do not go away and last till the end without treatment.

Are Port Wine Stains Harmful?

These birthmarks are not harmful snd usually left untreated. But as these marks grow with age so they can be the cause of embarrassment for young children and teenagers. This loses the morale of outgoing people and makes them hesitant in social gatherings.

But in some people, certain syndromes such as Sturge-weber syndrome and Klippel trenaunay syndrome can be the cause of birthmarks. Individuals suffering from these syndromes have abnormal development of blood vessels that may lead to potentially serious problems afterward.

Port wine stains grow much larger and raised in size with time. These marks if scratched or get injured cause excessive bleeding that may lead to serious complications. If developed around the area of the eyes they can cause glaucoma.

How Can I prevent Port Wine Stains from Developing?

Till now there has been no research on their prevention and scientist have not found any cause of their development. We can not restrict their development because these marks are naturally formed by birth or later. Any hormonal changes in the body or during the period of pregnancy are also not the cause of their development. So they can not be prevented from developing.

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