PICO Laser For Pigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

PICO Laser Treatment In Dubai is emerging as a highly effective method to improve the texture and quality of the skin. The revolutionary properties of this powerful procedure have worked wonders on tattooed skin. Candidates reported noticing great improvement in other dermal concerns due to which they had approached tattoos in the first place. After researching the factual performance, we discovered why it is becoming a popular choice for rejuvenating an even and radiant-looking complexion. Today, we are focusing on the miraculous transformation of PICO Laser For Pigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. If you are somebody who is struggling with sun damage, stay tuned because the information piled up below is just for you.

Why Is It Important To Wear Sunscreen?

Sunblock is a concentrated formula that is designed to block harmful UV rays from penetrating the skin. The barrier shielding properties are infused with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect the dermal layers from unevenness and harmful effects such as; melasma, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and sunburn. On the other hand, if you expose yourself to the sun without any protection, the chances of developing various serious problems including skin cancers are risked at a higher percentage. 

What Is A PICO Laser?

This is an incredibly non-invasive technology that is powered by Laser energy. The non-ablative procedure uses ultra-short pulses to target and shatter pigments from the skin. Unlike the traditional lasers where longer pulses are stimulated into the dermal layers. PICO requires precise pulses in a slower motion technique to break down particles causing discoloration surrounding the skin without damaging internal tissues or external pores. 

How Does It Work For Pigmentation?

PICO Laser Treatment is a cutting-edge advanced technology that is specifically designed to break down pigmented scars. The slow-mo pulse duration takes time to penetrate the problematic area and stimulate new cells to repair the damage. As a result, blood circulation rises in the targeted region and leads to collagen production. This increases the PH level of your dermis and begins to gradually brighten up the epidermis. 

What To Expect During The Session?

This is a non-invasive treatment that takes place inside a Doctor’s office. Below is a general guideline to enlighten you about the process;

  • First things first, we will gently disinfect your face to remove any floating dirt or impurities. This helps to prevent any potential infection during or afterward.
  • The next step is to apply some anesthetic cream to numb the skin. This shall provide you with a comfortable experience throughout the session.
  • To begin with the main action plan, we will activate the laser device and gently draw the effects on your problematic region. 
  • It takes a minute or two to aim the target of focus at one scar. After which, one by one the entire pigmented area is covered under treatment. 
  • The laser beams will resurface dead skin cells and generate new dermal layers from the inside and out. 
  • The entire procedure will last for an hour or less, depending on your dermal condition. In the end, a soothing gel is applied on top to tame any soreness.
  • Finally, you are rescheduled for a follow-up session before seeing you off with aftercare instructions to heal smoothly. 

What Are The Generated Results On Your Face?

We gathered a variety of benefits that will rejuvenate your entire facial profile. Below are a few phenomenal perks in store for you;

  • The first and most important thing is the fact that your whole complexion is going to brighten up. This means flawless looking healthy and radiant skin.
  • Moreover, any freckles, post-acne scars, or even the toughest of melasma is dismissed in the process. 
  • Those of you dealing with two-tones or tanned lines will also notice a brilliant improvement on the face.
  • It can even blur out aging lines and spots such as wrinkles, and fine lines along with laugh lines and crow’s feet around the eye areas.
  • Candidates talk about noticing a firm tightness and lifting effect in their sagging skin. This is an effortless upgrade to your at-home skincare routine as well.
  • Moreover, the results are longer-lasting and there are no hidden side effects latched to the treatment. 
  • You can easily return to work right after stepping out of the clinic. Or drive yourself home to call it a day.
  • Last but certainly not least, you will feel confident in your skin—no need to take cover under thick layers of makeup. You are looking good and feeling your very best every day.

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