Permanent Weight Loss Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Sometimes some of us out-pass the stage of controlling weight through restricted diets or workouts. No matter how much effort you make, the stubborn fat does not seem to budge. To target the problem from the inside out, some advanced treatments can be performed to help you reach your fitness goals. If you wish to continue eating your food but are willing to compromise with the portion sizes, we have a great surgical option for you. Read about; Weight loss in Dubai. And discover more on; Permanent Weight Loss Treatment In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Are My Options For A Permanent Fat Loss Surgery?

There are numerous methods to surgically reduce your weight. However, some options are non-invasive, therefore you must opt for follow-up sessions to reach your desired goals. But if you are looking for permanent results for better outcomes. We are offering Bariatric Surgery in Dubai to safely discard your excessive fat. So whether you are obese with or without diabetes type 2 patient, this operation is going to instill great changes inside and outside your body.

How Does It Work?

The fun fact about this minor operation is that there are two types of procedures that can be performed under this umbrella treatment. One is the Gastric Sleeve whereas, the other is known as the Gastric Bypass. We will make adjustments according to your fitness goals. Hence, the respective surgery is selected accordingly. However, both operations are performed laparoscopically. Therefore, there risk factor is very low and the road to recovery is very short.

What Happens Inside The Operating Room?

This is a surgery, therefore, you are put to sleep before starting off with the procedure. Below is a brief information about the process;

  • We will perform the operation under the influence of general anesthesia. This will completely eliminate your pain memory.
  • The surgeon will make a few incisions on the abdomen. Some trocars are placed in between the holes. These will allow us to hold the holes in place and allow us to gain access to the internal belly.
  • A special gas is introduced inside to blow up the space to see the movements clearly. It is a laparoscopic surgery, therefore, a special tool is inserted inside which has a built-in camera. 
  • We will monitor our actions on the screens as we use our third robotic hand to create the adjustments. 
  • A sleeve-like pouch or tube is created out of your stomach. This is then connected to the intestines for food digestion.
  • In the end, all the tools are extracted. And the wounds are stitched closed. The surgical sites are covered and sealed before shifting you to the recovery room.
  • We may keep you under observation for a day or two nights. After which, you are discharged to go home and follow the home care for a smooth recovery.

What Are The Beneficial Outcomes?

There are countless advantages to Weight Loss in Dubai. Explore the facts about the after-effects of the surgery;

  • Patients notice a rapid reverse in their weight. You are expected to notice great improvements within 18 to 24 months.
  • However, after a good 6 months of the surgery, Candidates will higher BMI will experience a 50% reduction in their body.
  • You will not go through any severe side effects or recovery time period. Even your hospital stay is going to be very short due to minimal operational measures.
  • Even the post-operative trauma is less. Hence, as soon as your skin heals, the scars will also fade away in due time. Or you could apply some topical serums after a complete recovery to completely banish the surgical memory.
  • As soon as the healthy changes will begin to take place, you will feel happy and confident about yourself. Even the stress will release and this shall improve your mental health as well.
  • Your hormonal imbalance will tame. This ought to mark healthy changes in your dermal concerns too.
  • Not only will your skin improve, but your hair and nails will also grow stronger and firmer. Therefore, this is going to be your ultimate transformation.
  • Lastly, with new adjustments taking place, you will feel confident about yourself. It will boost your self-esteem and improve your social skills too.

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