Permanent Hair Removal for Private Areas in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Hair growth is a natural process that everybody goes through. While hair on some parts of the body is admired, others are considered to be a sign of bad hygiene. Hair on the head, eyebrows, and for some, i.e. Especially men, facial hair as well, is treasured. All the other hair growth is considered unnecessary and a person may wish to get rid of it.

There are different methods that a person can opt for to get rid of these undesired hairs. Most of these are temporary methods, however, some are permanent as well. Permanent Hair Removal for Private Areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is one such method that makes your private areas hair free and frees you from the monthly pain of removing hair.

What is it?

It is the complete removal of hair from sensitive regions of the body in such a way that the hair does not regrow. This is accomplished by entirely eliminating the hair follicles.

To remove all undesirable hair, a high-energy laser beam is employed. This procedure permanently damages, hair follicles, slowing and finally stopping hair growth and leaving the patient with clean and smooth skin.

The procedure of electrolysis is also another way to fully eliminate hair. An epilator is utilized in this procedure, which sends radio waves into the skin, damaging and eventually destroying the hair follicles. This technique destroys one hair follicle at a time.

How is it Done?

Two basic permanent hair removal procedures are used i.e.  Laser therapy and electrolysis 

Laser Treatment: The area to be treated is shaved prior so that the laser beam may be focused directly on the hair follicles during treatment. With the use of laser technology, the light beam is directed at the hair follicles. Melanin, a pigment present in hair, absorbs this light beam. Melanin is a pigment that absorbs light and transforms it to heat.

With repeated sessions, the heat destroys the hair follicles, reducing hair growth and eventually terminating it entirely.

Electrolysis: A device known as an epilator is used in electrolysis. A thin wire transmits radio waves to the hair follicle in the skin through an epilator. The hair follicles are irreversibly destroyed by these waves. Even the existing hair falls out as a result of this procedure.

Both treatments need a lot of sessions since they are only effective while the hair is in its growth phase. These procedures cannot be completed in one sitting. Depending on the region of the skin being treated, each session might last anytime from a few minutes to an hour.


If conducted by a trained and qualified specialist, the therapy provides excellent outcomes with no adverse effects. It leaves the skin clear, smooth, and hair-free once the treatment is completed. The results are visible after each session.

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Best Permanent Hair Removal for Private Areas in Dubai   Permanent Hair Removal for Private Areas Dubai   Permanent Hair Removal for Private Areas in Dubai

How Effective is it?

Permanent Hair Removal for Private Areas in Dubai is a very effective treatment to permanently get rid of unwanted hair on the pubes. 


  • It saves a person from monthly struggle to remove hair from private areas
  • The method is straightforward and simple to carry out.
  • Each session takes very little time to execute.
  • It is a safe and efficient method for removing unwanted hair from intimate regions.
  • The patient has just a little pain, which dissipates once the surgery is completed.
  • Laser therapy is completely safe, with no serious adverse effects.
  • All of the adverse effects are brief and typically go away within a few days.
  • Cost-efficient in the long run as it is a one-time treatment. However, in some cases, a person may need to get the treatment again if there’s still hair growth after completion.

Precautions for Pubic Hair Removal:

Stopping waxing or plucking hair in private areas before the treatment is one of the most crucial precautions to follow. This is because these treatments destroy and damage hair follicles momentarily, and the hair follicles must be intact for the therapy to be successful. The doctor will provide you with a full list of precautions to take before and after the treatment, which you must follow in order to get the best results and avoid negative effects.

Side Effects:

There may be some side effects to this treatment like minor pain and discomfort. Some people may also experience swelling or redness on the skin. During the treatment, the skin color may also be temporarily changed. These are, however, all temporary side effects and are overcome within a few days.


The Enfield Royal Clinic offers Permanent Hair Removal for Private Areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah that leaves a person with clear and smooth skin on the private areas. Our latest technology and modern techniques used by our qualified professionals makes sure that we provide an amazing experience to our customers.