Penis Enlargement Treatment Price In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Penile Enlargement procedures are becoming more and more popular among men as a way to increase their self-confidence and rekindle their passions. These therapies are growing in popularity for several reasons. They provide guys who wish to improve their sexual performance and satisfaction with a secure and reliable solution. The major concern that comes to mind after learning the perks of this treatment is its costs. So if you are feeling stressed due to the costs of this treatment then read on and discover our complete guide on Penis Enlargement Treatment Price In Dubai & Abu Dhabi!

What is It?

Penis enlargement encompasses operations or practices designed to raise the volume or morphology of the penis. These treatments can be surgical, such as implants or ligament release, or non-surgical, such as injections or the use of devices. Penile augmentation is a personal decision that is frequently made for cosmetic reasons, as well as for boosting one’s self-confidence and sex happiness.

Before deciding on a certain procedure, individuals must conduct an extensive study and confer with experienced medical specialists. The operations might include tissue alteration, implant placement, or non-invasive techniques, each with its own set of issues. Understanding the possible hazards and advantages is critical for making an educated decision regarding penile enlargement. Always emphasize safety and check with medical specialists to verify the approach chosen is appropriate for the individual’s preferences.

Penile Enlargement Treatment Price In Dubai:

At Royal Clinic Dubai, the estimated cost of these therapies starts from 6000 AED and ranges up to 10,000 AED. You can get the most accurate cost plan by having a consultation with our experts because it relies on a range of factors including:

Expertise of the Medic:

The ability of your physician influences the cost of the treatment. Doctors with more expertise and knowledge will expect more costs. The more experienced doctor can minister to the patient more effectively.  

Location of the Clinic:

The cost of therapy is determined by the location of the procedure. When the process is performed in a well-known location that offers more services, the expenses of the treatment increase, and the total fee for the treatment rises proportionately.  

Anesthesia Quality:

The kind and cost of anesthesia used are added to the total costs. General anesthesia will cost more than local anesthesia. The procedure charge will be determined based on anesthesia quality.  


  • Maintains your self-esteem.
  • Increases your confidence in sexual fulfillment.
  • Reduces tension and anxiety.
  • There are no adverse effects.
  • Instant healing with natural outcomes.
  • Improves self-confidence.
  • There is no indication of scarring. 


  • Keep yourself healthy and well-hydrated.
  • Adopt an ideal diet.
  • Gather all information on the therapy and hazards.
  • Consume additional fluids.
  • Acquire more veggies and nutrients.
  • Wear comfy clothing.
  • Avoid any other penile treatments.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Take the medications suggested by your doctor. 


The procedure is compiled in the following ways:


One common surgical approach is phalloplasty. This method involves making incisions on the bottom of the penis to expose the ligaments that dock the penis. By relaxing these ligaments, more of the penis may be seen, making it appear longer. In rare cases, chubby or tissue grafting may be used to increase the circumference of the Penis Size & Penis Enlargement. It is critical to remember that this strategy carries dangers and potential difficulties, therefore consult with a knowledgeable and experienced specialist who can provide specific advice.  


  • There are several non-surgical options available, including the use of nothingness erection devices or penis pumps. They create a suction to draw blood into the penis, causing rapid growth. 
  • Another alternative is to utilize penile traction devices, which entail moderate traction of the penis over time, potentially increasing size.  

Post Care:

  • Apply ice to the affected region to minimize swelling.
  • Maintaining excellent cleanliness keeps you from getting diseases.
  • Do not utilize any chemical items after the treatments.
  • Avoid using medications that are not recommended by your physicians.
  • Drink a major amount of water. 

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