Palate Repair Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

The gap between the nose and the mouth is closed during cleft palate surgery. This enhances the child’s capacity to eat while also improving speaking. Just so you know, the ideal age range for a candidate is between nine and twelve months. Surgery results are also promised to be remarkable and long-lasting. But, how much does Palate Repair Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Speaking generally, cleft palate repairs can range in price from AED 20,000 to AED 30,000, depending on the complexity of the treatment.

How Much Does Palate Repair Surgery Cost on Average?

The cost of cleft palate repair surgery in Dubai will vary based on the clinic’s location, the intricacy of the operation, and the surgeon’s expertise. The typical starting price for surgery is AED 20,000. It is crucial to remember that because each cleft palate repair operation is customized to match the specific needs of the kid, additional costs can possibly be covered. For your information, most individuals choose UAE hospitals over international clinics for plastic and cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons, usually ranging from cost to convenience.

Note: Booking a consultation with a licensed plastic surgeon is the best method to find out the final cost of your cleft palate surgery.

Factors Impacting the Cost:

Here are five crucial elements to consider while figuring out why Palate Repair Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is so expensive.

The Scope of the Process:

Do you need to work on both your lip and palate? If your response is YES, you should anticipate that the operation will be more expensive than average because it will likely include many procedures. Generally speaking, the cost increases with the size of the operation.

Surgical Fee:

The cost of the plastic surgery procedure is determined by a number of elements, including expertise, standing, credentials, and experience. Your cleft palate repair surgery will cost more the more well-known your surgeon is. 

Location of the Clinic:

The geographic location of the clinic will have an impact on the cost of the therapy because living expenses vary from place to place. For instance, due to the abundance of clinics, cleft palate repair costs in Dubai are more on the affordable side. Just be certain that the plastic surgeons you are contemplating are reputable and competent.

Anesthesia Type:

Because plastic surgeons typically perform cleft palate repair surgery under general anesthesia, it is crucial to factor this into the ultimate cost. It’s important to consider the anesthetic team’s charge as well.

Charges for the Operating Room:

An authorized surgical center, a hospital, or a private suite are all acceptable settings for cleft palate repair surgery. Additionally, keep in mind that each would have varying prices and benefits, so be sure to account for that when creating your budget.

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Regarding the Plastic Surgeon

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