Obstetrics And Gynecology Specialist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

No matter how much the world has proceeded with the latest technology and artificial intelligence, they will still consult a Gynecologist regarding health concerns and queries. There is an abrupt boost in the reproduction of the human population which has increased and enhanced the expected and unexpected need of these specialized individuals. Obstetrics and gynecology are though linked with a similar type of professional responsibilities, still, they need to be separated with a minimalistic difference of duties. The working Gynecologist In Dubai is merely taken as the one taking care of the women’s health when she is going through a toughly fluctuating medical circle and cycle. 


The treatment proceeded by the Gynecology Specialists including the procedure to cure, treat and provide consultation to the women who are pregnant. And in one way or another need assistance, care, and guidance from a specialist, to shield or save their life and that of the minimalistic being they are bringing to life. Aside from that, they also provide assistance in treating tumors or oncology. These specialists will also give consultations and treat the patients when they are struggling with the menstruation cycle. 

Aim Of Treatment:

As a matter of fact, a woman should at least once visit a Gynecologist, when they embark on encountering the menstrual cycle as a teenager. In this way, they will be able to constantly check over the changes they are bearing. Aside from that regular checkups, they will also aid in detecting unseen and unexpected health hazards that may not arise in the near future. The aim of Gynecology is to address concerns and queries regarding the cycle of periods or before getting into the hustle of pregnancy. Furthermore, in case of facing any random discharge or the individual is experiencing pain in the pelvic region can also aim for this treatment.


Reckoning the stance and scenario of the individual, it is been scheduled according to the need, wants, and goals of the patient. Nevertheless, there are a number of procedures that are applied by specialists for the purpose of treating individuals, a few of them are explicated below.

Procedure For Colporrhaphy: 

  • The procedure is commenced in the fixed surgical scenario.
  • An overall examination of the health and pelvis is determined.
  • A few prescribed medications are to be followed.

Procedure For Endometrial Ablation:

  • The portion of the body is set to cool down with the help of freezing material.
  • Aside from this, with the help of fluids, balloon therapy, electricity, microwaves, and high-energy radio waves are introduced within the body.

Procedure For Oophorectomy: 

  • Firstly, with the help of a Laparoscope, the internal structure is examined and studied.
  • The vaginal and uterus are removed from the ovaries and vagina respectively.
  • Though it is an optional process, the process of laparotomy is attempted to complete and finish the procedure of the surgery. 


There are numerous benefits that can be attained by having continuous visits to Gynecologists In Dubai

  • The pregnant women will be properly guided about do’s and don’ts during a fixed period of time. 
  • Their health conditions will be continuously examined and studied by specialists.
  • On the other hand, individuals are capable to visit a gynecologist when they notice any kind of irregularity in their menstruation calendar.
  • Issues regarding menopause can also be discussed and solved.
  • Any likely cancer or early precautions can be taken to prevent a serious problem.
  • Regular check-ups also help in detecting the hidden signs of any disease.

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