Nose Surgery for Broken Nose in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

Nose surgery which is also known as rhinoplasty is commonly done for cosmetic reasons but it is also done for the purpose of treating broken noses due to accidents or any other reason. Rhinoplasty is the top procedure that is done worldwide. Because of its great compliance with the cosmetic enhancement and no risk or scars it is highly recommended. Learn about the Nose Surgery for Broken Nose in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Nose Injuries:

Nose wounds frequently happen during sports or falls, mishaps, and so on, and it could be difficult to discern whether your nose is cracked/broken as expanding can cause your nose to seem screwy regardless of whether not broken. Signs your nose might be broken incorporate torment or delicacy, expanding of the nose and encompassing regions, dying, particularly wild dying, swelling around the nose or potentially eyes, trouble breathing through your nose, and a distorted/screwy nose. Treatment for a messed-up nose ordinarily includes techniques to realign the nose, however, this doesn’t be guaranteed to mean a medical procedure.


The procedure is performed in multiple steps that may include:

  • First, the doctor mil administrates local anesthesia to the patient to reduce the pain due to the breakage of the nose and for a pain-free procedure.
  • Then the doctor will first make an incision inside the nose to have a scarless treatment
  • The nose will be then lifted to remove all the broken pieces of cartilage bones. 
  • Then the bone is placed in the correct direction and the lost muscle grafts are added and placed above the bone where they are needed.
  • Then stitches are made to close the injured nose
  • At last, the bandage is placed over the nose to make it secure and place it in position.


It is a crucial surgery that may affect your facial looks so it is needed to have proper aftercare to have a successful treatment without much time of recovery and without risks. Some of the main aftercare aspects include:

  • Take proper rest and have a good sleep at home.
  • Get your bandage changed by the doctor on regular basis.
  • Make sure to have an elevated position of the head to have a better contouring
  • Use more than 2 pillows under your head.
  • Avoid exercise and intense workout
  • Use pain killer if any pain is faced.
  • Try to take the medication on time to have a better and fast recovery.
  • Used the moisturizing cream prescribed by the doctor.


There are various advantages of rhinoplasty for a broken nose. Some of them may include:

  • It reduces the nasal tip
  • It improves the structure of the nose.
  • Helpful in structuring bulbose nose.
  • Enhance the facial features.
  • Help in getting rid of pain due to injury
  • Improves the breathing process.
  • A more contoured and symmetric nose.

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