Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic

Age-related changes, loss of elasticity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations lead to loss of breast shape and numerous complexes in women. For a long time only, a plastic surgeon allowed to restore the beauty and shape of the breast. A Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at Enfield Royal Clinic is performed considering all individual indications and the result you want to achieve. Many popular techniques will restore beauty to your breasts, and attractiveness to your figure.

How is a Breast Lift Performed Without Surgery?

All cosmetic procedures that result in a lift without surgery basically have a lifting effect. Loss of original shape occurs due to a decrease in skin elasticity and its stretching. The task of a cosmetologist is to increase the elasticity and density of the skin, make it more elastic and stimulate the production of its collagen, which improves elasticity and rejuvenates.

Laser breast lift: Skin rejuvenation using laser waves of a certain frequency, which also increases collagen production, tightens and slightly increases the size of the mammary glands

Mesotherapy: Injections of so-called meso cocktails, drugs that increase the elasticity of skin tissue. Saturates with useful substances, intensively nourishes, and improves density and elasticity

Bio revitalization: Injection lifting with the help of hyaluronic acid preparations. Significantly improves the condition of the skin, intensively moisturizes and rejuvenates it

Thread lift: Breast lift is performed with Aptos threads. They are durable, have notches for secure fixation in tissues, and perform the function of a supporting frame. Non-absorbable Aptos Needle threads are made of polypropylene and are suitable for women 40–50 years old with severe ptosis of the mammary glands.

RF lifting: After RF-lifting, the pectoral muscles contract, due to which the tissues are noticeably tightened and become denser. Thus, sagging and flabbiness are eliminated, which is more than enough to correct the ptotic breast without resorting to artificial implants.


The Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah will give the following advantages:

  • They give a combined effect of a breast lift and skin rejuvenation
  • The skin is not injured and there are no scars
  • The procedure is safe and has no risk of infection
  • No recovery period, you can go back to your usual activities
  • Fast and long-lasting results
  • Comfortable and fast procedure

Who Should get the Treatment?

Lifting is recommended for women who:

  • Signs of ptosis of the mammary gland have already appeared, but it is too early to carry out plastic surgery
  • There are contraindications to plastic surgery or the use of general anesthesia
  • Correction is necessary after a previously performed plastic surgery
  • There is a desire to prevent ptosis of the mammary glands.

What Results can be Achieved?

The outcome of the pull-up will manifest itself better and better with each visit to the beautician and will reach a maximum in a month and a half after the end of the course. The patient observes:

  • Accurate chest contour
  • Slight increase in volume
  • Wrinkles smoothed out
  • Skin is healthy and smooth to look at and feel
  • Stretch marks are almost invisible
  • Rejuvenation and lifting of the mammary glands

Best Clinic of Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

How Long do the Results Last?

The effect is noticeable to all patients, without exception. This requires not one but 6 to 8 procedures, which are carried out approximately one time per week. How long the result lasts largely depends on the initial state of the mammary glands, and the age and weight of the woman.

On average, a tightened and beautiful bust can be enjoyed for enjoyed for about a year, but many clients noted a longer period. The course of procedures can be repeated annually or as the lifting effect decreases.


Compared to surgical plastic surgery, a Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is much cheaper and more accessible to many women. As a bonus, you get skin rejuvenation, which is not available with surgery. Beautiful, tightened breasts with flawless skin are a real decoration and a reason for the pride of a woman.