Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic

Age-related changes, loss of elasticity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations lead to loss of breast shape and numerous complexes in women. While looking for a solution, women usually discard the option of plastic surgery. Breast Lift In Dubai is very popular among females as it allows to restore the beauty and shape of the breast. A Non-Surgical Breast Lift In Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a personalized treatment based on your individual needs and the result you wish to achieve. 

What Is The Non-Surgical Treatment?

It is a cosmetic method used to elevate and firm drooping or sagging breasts. People who have had changes in breast position and shape as a result of aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, or genetics frequently select this procedure to avoid surgical or more invasive options.

How Does It Work?

It involves removing extra skin and reshaping the breast tissue to make them appear younger and raised. For a more aesthetically pleasing outcome, the areolas and nipples may also be moved. Although a breast lift can improve breast appearance overall, it does not dramatically change the size, for this reason, some people choose to combine it with breast augmentation implants or reductions.

How Is It Performed Without Surgery?

Cosmetic procedures that lift without surgery make things look lifted. When skin loses its original shape because it’s not as stretchy, a cosmetologist’s job is to make the skin more elastic and dense. This helps it bounce back and stimulates the production of collagen, making the skin look younger. The following are different techniques that can be helpful in this issue;

  • Laser Breast Lift: This procedure employs laser waves of a specific frequency to stimulate collagen production, tighten the skin, and slightly increase the size of the mammary glands. The primary goal is to achieve skin rejuvenation and improve the appearance of the breasts without resorting to surgical intervention.
  • Mesotherapy: It involves injections of meso cocktails-specific drugs designed to enhance skin tissue elasticity. The effects include increased skin elasticity, nourishment with useful substances, and improvements in density and elasticity. It is aimed at enhancing the texture and appearance of the skin through targeted injections.
  • Bio Revitalization: It utilizes injection lifting with hyaluronic acid preparations. This process significantly improves the condition of the skin by providing intensive moisturization and contributing to overall rejuvenation. The primary purpose is to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, promoting a more youthful and refreshed look.
  • Thread Lift: It uses Aptos threads durable threads with notches for secure fixation in tissues. These threads create a supporting frame that lifts sagging breasts. This non-surgical approach is particularly suitable for women experiencing severe ptosis of the mammary glands, providing a lift without the need for implants.
  • RF Lifting: It involves the application of radiofrequency waves. The method induces the contraction of pectoral muscles, leading to the tightening of tissues and the elimination of sagging. The primary purpose is to correct ptotic breasts without resorting to artificial implants, offering a non-invasive alternative for breast enhancement.

What Results Can Be Achieved?

The outcome of the pull-up will manifest itself better and better with each visit to the beautician and will reach a maximum in a month and a half after the end of the course. The patient observes:

  • Accurate chest contour
  • Slight increase in volume
  • Wrinkles smoothed out
  • Skin is healthy and smooth to look at and feel
  • Stretch marks are almost invisible
  • Rejuvenation and lifting of the mammary glands

Best Clinic of Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Non-Surgical Breast Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Potential Benefits:

There are so many positive aspects of the mentioned treatments. Enlisted below are a few of them;

  • It offers a combined effect of a breast lift and skin rejuvenation.
  • The skin is left uninjured, and you don’t have to worry about any scars as a result.
  • These are very safe techniques and carry no risk of infection or reaction.
  • There is no required recovery period as you can resume your usual activities immediately.
  • It will make your chest look just right with a little more volume.
  • Wrinkles get smoothed away, and your skin feels and looks healthy and smooth. 
  • You won’t be able to see those stretch marks anymore.
  • The outcomes are both fast and long-lasting.
  • The whole process is very comfortable and completed swiftly.

Is It Long-Lasting?

The effect is noticeable to all patients, without any exceptions. However, it may require multiple sessions from 6 to 8 sitting, which are carried out approximately one time per week, depending on the treatment option chosen for you. Moreover,  the outcome depends on the initial state of the mammary glands and the age or weight of a woman. On the other hand, the course of procedures can be repeated annually or as the lifting effect decreases.

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