Best Neograft Hair Transplant for Eyebrows in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Having filled and volumized eyebrows is a real beauty for every man and woman. To have them people use multiple hairs growing oils that help in the growth and volume of the eyebrows but those who got no results from all the typical treatments of hair growth went for hair transplant procedures of which the most effective and cost-friendly is Neograft Hair Transplant for Eyebrows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah that is currently available at Enfield Royal Clinic with amazing results and high rate of success.

Neograft Technology:

NeoGraft treatment is a hair relocation method that permits you to add thickness and thickness back to your hairline. This hair transplantation technique is accessible in Dubai and includes eliminating regular hair follicles from the back or either side of your head, for the most part, known as a “donating area” and consequently relocating them into regions with hair diminishing or decreased hair development. This technique assists you with adding hair back to where it doesn’t develop any longer. At the point when hair is relocated, it will develop as ordinary, allowing you to turn around the special visualizations of going bald. This procedure helps in getting rid of the issue of a strip scar by separating the hair follicles utilizing the FUE strategy.


  • The procedure starts by numbing the donor area and a healthy amount of follicles are taken out of the back or side of the head. 
  • Those grafts are then implanted into the area where they are needed such as the Eyebrows.
  • Inserting points are made on the eyebrow and the most healthy grafts are inserted into them
  • The area is then cleaned and left for recovery.
  • Proper aftercare is done until visible results can be seen.


This procedure is a bundle of advantages that may include:

  • Thickening of hairs in the eyebrows
  • Increased growth of hairs
  • A proper shape and volume of the eyebrows
  • Permanent solution
  • Enhance the appearance of the facial expressions


The cost of a Neograft Hair Transplant for Eyebrows in Dubai & Abu Dhabi starts from AED 6,999 depending on multiple factors such as the condition of the client, the reputation and level of the clinic, the expertise of the aesthetic practitioner or the dermatologist, and the multiple varying aspects.

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