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A hair transplant can be used to restore the hairline if it recedes for any reason, such as hereditary hair loss or a too-tight hairdo. Even if receding hair must be filled in, the natural outcome depends on the contour of the hairline. Correction of the hairline is an art, though. Forehead hair transplantation is done if you need to adjust your hairline or get rid of bald spots that have developed for a variety of causes. In the latter situation, the process enables you to restore the hair’s density. You should Know about Natural Hairline Treatment Cost Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to solve all your problems.

What is a Hairline?

The boundary between the hairline and the forehead is known as the hairline. The hairline is gradually receding in men with genetic hair loss, as was already indicated. Similarly, the receding hairline continues to grow taller. The hairline may really be broken by a receding hairline as the condition worsens.


best natural-hairline-treatment-cost in dubai  natural-hairline-treatment-cost in Abu Dhabi   natural-hairline-treatment-cost Clinic in Dubai

Best natural-hairline-treatment-cost in Abu Dhabi  natural-hairline-treatment-cost in dubai  Best natural-hairline-treatment-cost Clinic in Dubai

At What Point Can You Change Your Hairline?

It is crucial that the hairline on the forehead be natural for the best effects. The hairline can be changed, but there are a few considerations the attending physician needs to make and, of course, some restrictions. Both a very high and a very low hairline on the forehead appear unnatural.

On the one hand, a specific distance from the forehead muscles must be kept in mind. It is advised to leave a centimeter or so between the hairline and the upper forehead muscle. Lowering the hairline is only achievable up to a certain point because it is not possible to transplant grafts into muscles.

Types of Hairline Treatments

  • The following techniques for forehead hair transplantation are employed in plastic surgery:
  • A seamless FUE technique in which the surgeon uses an automated tool to remove tiny pieces of skin from the donor site that contain two to three hair follicles before implanting them into channels that have been made in the recipient area’s skin.
  • The seamless HFE technique entails the removal of the grafts followed by their immediate implantation with an implanter, all without the need for prior canal preparation.
  • The suture STRIP technique is different in that the surgeon removes a skin flap, typically from the back of the head, from which he then removes grafts that are transplanted to the problematic location.


Because it requires a lengthy operation, careful planning, and the use of artistic abilities by the surgeon, natural hairline treatments are frequently regarded as pricey in most situations. Following a consultation, the price of a hair transplant is revealed and is determined by the extent of hair loss along the hairline.

Natural Hairline Treatment Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi typically ranges between AED 6,999 and AED 18,999. This pricing range can be significantly impacted by the type of method performed, the surgeon’s ability, and the services you employ.

Factors Affecting Cost:

One thing to bear in mind is that this pricing includes a number of other items. such as the price of the supplies and the attendant. A full explanation of these components is provided below.

The Charge of Specialists:

The expense of the doctor’s appointment is the main concern for the majority of patients. But thankfully for you, this expense is covered by the total fee.

The Resources Required for Treatment:

For the additional items used, the majority of clinics will request additional payment. These extra costs cover the cost of the anesthesia as well as latex gloves, alcohol pads, and syringes. Because they do not include these necessities in the therapy, they will require you to purchase them on your own.

The Therapy Area:

Any area that you want to have treated is covered by the high charge. This suggests that you will only pay for the therapy that you receive.

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The top hair transplant doctors work at The Royal Hair Clinic. Our experts are skilled hair transplant specialists that understand how to construct a hairline based on an individual’s age to get a natural appearance. Depending on the extent of hair loss and the desired outcomes for each patient, our specialists apply a different technique. If you would like to arrange your Natural Hairline Treatment Cost Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, kindly enter your information in the short form below.