Mustache Hair Transplant How Does it Work Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

The hair transplant ratio of success has rise the confidence of those who are worried about their less volume and hair loss in the mustache. FUE technique is the most used technique for the reestablishment of mustache hair volume which gives a bolder appearance and enhances the looks of a man. Get a consultation with us to get to know about Mustache Hair Transplant: How Does it Work in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What it is?

The advancement of hair transplant procedures for head and beard technology has proved them for mustaches as well. It is a procedure of implanting head or body airs to the mustaches area to enhance the appearance and make a bold and fuller look of the face.

Ideal Candidacy:

  • Since hair follicles are gathered from the rear of your head, you should have solid hair follicles around here. This area will in general be among the last regions to go bare, so regardless of whether you’re beginning to lose some hair on top, you most likely still have solid development on the rear of your head.
  • Your transfer specialist will look at your scalp and decide whether there are an adequate number of follicular units to relocate.
  • In the event that there doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be sufficient hair follicles to reap, your PCP might suggest elective medicines
  • Do not have severe diseases such as diabetes and hereditary issues.
  • Have reality-based expectations from the procedure.

How Does it Work?

The FUE technique is used for the transplant procedure which involves multiple steps. Each step is compulsory and a pre requisite for the next to have 100% results. Assuming that the patient has a current facial hair growth, it is important to manage it to 3-5mm to have the option to see the spaces where the unions will be embedded, utilizing sedatives. On the off chance that the patient isn’t open-minded to torment, sedation can be directed, however, this isn’t exceptionally regular.

There are two strategies for embedding the unions: forceps and implanters.

  • With forceps, the singular unit is held tenderly and embedded into a pre-made cut taking into consideration not to harm the bulb (the foundation of the hair follicle). The implantation should be possible after every one of the cuts required has been made or after every cut has been made, known as the ‘stick and spot’ technique.
  • Follicles are placed in a tool name implanters which take them to the area where they are needed to be implanted. The area is pre-processed by making an incision and the bulb is directly implanted in it. Another thing is that this technique is may have more results than that of the forceps one because in this procedure the incisions are prepared before the insertion which gives less trauma to the follicles than digging the area right at the time of implant.


Fue mustache hair transplant is of variety of advantages. Some of the main benefits include:

  • One of the fundamental benefits of facial hair growth hair relocate is that the hair is super durable.
  • In the event that you decide to have a messy look or a full facial hair growth, you have the decision on the grounds that the hair is there to remain.
  • On the off chance that you had the transfer to cover skin breakout or other facial scars, your confidence will be helped massively.
  • If you were looking for a more developed appearance, facial hair growth will get that going!

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