Most Commonly Asked Questions About Lip Fillers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Russian Lip Fillers Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are gaining popularity; every year, laboratories produce innovative formulas for the production of effective and safe drugs. Lip filler is a filler used in lip contouring to give precise contours, increase volume and correct the shape of the lips. This is a quick and painless way to make lips look attractive and sexy. 

What is a Russian Lip Filler?

The recent trend in dermal filler lip treatments is the Russian Lip Fillers Dubai. With the highest lip lift possible from this procedure, you may have a glamorous, star-like appearance and the ideal pout for any selfie. This cutting-edge method is for those who want to give their lips and Cupid’s bow a dramatic and powerful lift without adding too much volume to their lip profile and who don’t necessarily need to have their lip border reshaped or augmented.

What to Expect after Russian Lips?

Multiple injections may cause early edema and bruise. Multiple injections may be more painful than a simple lip filler. Bruising, swelling, and soreness are common with this treatment but will pass, leaving you with a gorgeous finish that will make your friends envy you.

How Long Does Russian Lip Last?

In most cases, the effects of the therapy might persist anywhere from 12 to 18 months. On the other hand, to sustain the effects, you may need to have a touch-up operation every six to nine months.

How Long Does it Take for Russian Lip to Settle?

Although the majority of patients have said that the procedure doesn’t pain any more than a traditional lip, the Russian method has a far higher risk of bruising and edema. After 2 weeks, results should be entirely stabilized, and both procedures have an equal lifespan.

Are Russian Lip Fillers Safe?

The technique is extremely safe when administered by a skilled, board-certified injector. The majority of individuals only have very minor side effects, which may include small bruising, redness, or swelling at the injection site.

How Much Does the Russian Lip Technique Cost?

Dermal filler and lip augmentation costs vary based on the clinic and area, however, the technique may starts from 1100 AED. More dermal filler is required to obtain the flat, heightened appearance of the Russian Lips, which might raise the cost.

Why do Russian Lips Cost More?

You will pay a little bit more than you would for a typical lip filler procedure since lip tenting occasionally requires additional time and product. The effects could persist longer than those of a conventional lip filler procedure thanks to this additional expenditure, though.

What is the Most Natural-Looking Lip Filler?

In addition to adding moisture and fullness to the lips, hyaluronic acid, or HA, also encourages the lips’ inherent capacity to create more collagen. This means that in addition to seeing incremental improvements in your lip region as collagen levels rise, you also receive immediate, natural-looking effects.

Do Russian Lips Look Natural?

Russian lips are derived from the “Russian Doll,” where they have a flatter, higher look and form a heart-shaped opening in the center. Although this approach does prevent filler migration, this appearance isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t necessarily appear more natural than the more popular lip filler procedure.

What is the Longest-Lasting Lip Filler?

Juvederm is the longest-lasting temporary lip filler, with effects apparent for up to a year, even though the lifespan of dermal fillers can vary significantly across patients based on the product, your lifestyle, and your metabolism. With benefits that endure between 6 and 10 months, Restylane comes in second.

What is the Best Lip Filler Technique?

One of the most attractive nationalities in the world is Russia and the most attractive technique is Russian Technique. The method adds volume to the lip’s body while guaranteeing that no product will migrate over the lip. It may be used to give a supermodel natural fullness or to artificially inflate their size.

Do Russian Lips Swell more?

You can have a little bit more initial swelling and perhaps bruising with the Russian lip treatment because there are multiple injection spots. Due to the numerous injection places your injector must use, this procedure may be more painful than a typical lip filler treatment.

Do Russian Lips Hurt?

In no way whatsoever. It feels more like a tingling feeling than actual pain since the fillers are injected into the base of your lips rather than along the border of your lips.

The Takeaway

Get in touch with our helpful staff to set up a consultation in which you are under no obligation to pay for anything. If you want to get Russian Lip Fillers Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, or if you want to create a dramatic look without excessive volume during your next lip filler procedure. At Enfield Royal Cosmetic Injectables Clinic, we are looking forward to finally putting a face to your name.