Most Common Questions About Botox in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

What Exactly Does Botox do?

The basic function of botox is to stop some kind of chemical singles that are intended to contract the muscles. And relax them for enhancing their appearance such as facial muscles.

At what Age Should you Start Getting Botox?

Before the matter gets out of the hands, botox can be done at any age depending upon the condition you are treating. It can best be used in the 30s to avoid the light wrinkle lines getting deeper.

Is Botox Very Painful?

No, it is not a painfull procedure as it is minimally invasive in nature as well as a numbing cream is first applied on the area to be treated to avoid any kind of pain.

Do and don’ts After face Botox?


  • Clean the area properly
  • Use moisturizer
  • Use an ice pack to cold down any irritation.


  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun
  • Do not rub or massage the area
  • Do not get overheated.

How Much does Botox Cost?

On average a well-branded and affordable botox treatment cost starts from AED 599 and goes up depending upon the need.

Is Botox Worth Getting?

It is worth having botox treatments due to their short-term and long-term benefits in dealing with different types of skin issues.

What are the Dangers of Botox?

Botox is not a dangerous treatment as it is done for well-being. Some of the side effects related to botox are:

  • Muscles Weakness
  • Loss of breath 
  • Vision Problems

Is there a Downside to Botox?

Botox is normally a beneficial procedure that yields outstanding results in fighting against wrinkles, fine lines, and aging issues but it may relate to some side effects that remain for a few hours and then disappear.

What Can you Do Instead of Botox?

There are other options available such as over-the-counter medicines, facial creams, and surgeries, neurotoxin injectables are also used instead of Botox but the outcomes yielded by botox can not be yielded by any other possible solution.

Can Botox Spread to the Brain?

No, botox is just a toxin used to disconnect the connection between the nerve cells and muscles. It does not spread to the brain cells.

Can Botox Affect Your Heart?

No, Botox has no direct relation to the heart so it has no such side effects related to the heart.

Does Botox Make you Look Older After it Wears Off?

In the long go, botox has silent features that make it the most used procedure which is, after wearing off it does not make you look order instead a regular use of botox will rejuvenate your skin even after its effect goes away.

What are the 3 Common Side Effects of Botox?

The three common side effects are:

  • It may cause bruising
  • It gives pain after the numbing effect wears off
  • It left redness for a few hours to a few days

Who Should not Get Botox?

If you have muscle weakness, if you have chronic skin conditions if you are facing any general health issue then you should not get Botox.

What Should I avoid After Botox?

  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun
  • Do not rub or massage the area
  • Do not get overheated.

Can Botox Cause Blood Clots?

No, botox does not cause blood clots whereas it may get clot sometimes if it is not induced properly at the exact location

What Happens When you Stop Botox?

When you stop using botox then its effect will surely wear off leaving behind the original skin condition as it was before.

How Long Does Botox last?

Botox usually lasts for 4 to 5 months which truly depends upon your health and skin condition

Can I Wear Makeup After Botox?

It is advised to avoid having makeup right after the botox treatment to avoid the risk of germs and infection

Can Botox Look Natural?

Yes, botox looks natural when performed by an expert dermatologist.

Can You Get Just a Little Botox?

Yes, you can get as much and as little botox, as you want which depends upon the amount needed to settle down your skin.