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A cosmetic procedure known as a monsplasty involves removing extra skin and fat from the area above the pelvic bone. The procedure’s name comes from the term pubic pubis, which refers to this fatty layer. A public lift is another name for this operation. The pubis may increase as a result of fat deposition or lax skin covering it. Monsplasty can assist in giving this area a firmer, flatter appearance. The pubic bone, or the fatty area above the genitalia in both men and women, is reduced and tightened during a monoplasty treatment. Learn more about Monsplasty Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for your treatment at affordable prices.

What is Monsplasty?

When a significant bulge appears at the top of the pubis as a result of weight gain or sagging skin, a surgical treatment called a monsplasty is utilized to remove extra skin and fatty tissue.

It is typically performed concurrently with a tummy tuck since pubic projection is frequently more obvious following the removal of abdominal fat and tightening of the skin. Although they can be combined, monsplasty and liposuction are separate operations. With monsplasty, extra skin and fat are surgically removed. Liposuction removes extra fat using suction, but it is unable to alter looks or get rid of drooping skin. When used sparingly, laser liposuction can help tighten the skin in this area.

What Causes Public Enlargement?

The triangle-shaped region between the top of your pubic hair and the starting point of your genitals is known as your pubis. Men and women both experience this, perhaps women more so. You will have the same quantity of skin but less fat to cover it if you subsequently drop a significant amount of weight. Other reasons for pubic protrusion could be:

  • C-section, the skin behind the scar may not stay closely linked to the tissues after a cesarean section, although the skin around it often does. Consequently, a bulge could develop.
  • Estrogen, a hormone, can lead to more pubic fat deposition.
  • Genetics: Your parents may have passed on to you a propensity to gain pubic fat.


Depending on the complexity of the treatment, a monoplasty or pubic lift may be carried out under general anesthesia or local anesthetic along with sedation. Only local sedation is necessary if only a little amount of tissue needs to be removed. General anesthesia is necessary if the operation is paired with more invasive surgery, like a stomach tuck. There will be a horizontal incision created at the top edge of the pubic region. To make the pubic area firmer and more defined, the core muscles will be tightened. Following the removal of the extra skin, the incision is stitched up and skin glue is applied to seal it.

Cost Details:

Monsplasty Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 1600 to AED 2000 per session. Some factors may affect the price of this procedure:


Both the client’s and the clinic’s geographic location are crucial. The client typically goes to the local clinic, but it doesn’t guarantee the greatest outcome. There are some clinics in such Porsche neighborhoods, but they have to charge extra for their services because of the high taxes they have to pay.

Doctors Experience:

The doctor’s experience should be your top concern. Due to his/her superior expertise and absolute certainty of the results expected, there is a potential that they may charge excessively for this therapy if they are a highly specialist in this particular procedure.

Condition of Patient:

The condition of the patient has a sensible bearing on how much the therapy will cost because it indicates how much effort is necessary to achieve the best results.

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