Mini Gastric Bypass Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Gastric Bypass

Obesity is an issue of many but it is not something that is impossible to treat. Those who got no results from all the other procedures. Such as exercise, diet, and medicines, and have BMI > 40 opt for a surgical procedure such as Gastric Bypass. It is mandatory to have this treatment done by an expert bariatric surgeon. Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai is willing to provide you with the best affordable Mini Gastric Bypass Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. With great results and no side effects as well we are here to provide you with a free consultation.

Mini Gastric Bypass:

It is a laparoscopic surgery done to reduce appetite and get the desired weight by consuming less and burning maximum calories. This is a verified and guaranteed procedure for getting weight loss within a few days and lasts up to 3 to 5 years. After this procedure, there remains no need for excessive exercise. And any specific diet because the diet gets to its minimum due to the less capacity of the stomach to store food and energy.


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Cost of Mini Gastric Bypass:

According to an estimate the Mini Gastric Bypass Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 13,000 to AED 20,000 depending upon multiple factors such as:

  • the level of the clinic which defines the rate of success the clinic has in comparison to its failure. As well as its certification and the expertise of the doctors it has, 
  • the second thing is the condition of the client which means the medical condition and the condition of obesity, 
  • the last and very important thing is the expertise of the bariatric surgeon. In this specific treatment in order to get optimum results.

Cost Comparision with Other Clinics in Dubai:

Cost is something that matters a lot to every client in the sense of having better treatment out of what they are paying for. When people search for the best clinic they got fluctuation in cost from clinic to clinic. The most important thing is to find the best clinic with an expert bariatric surgeon at less cost. The cost offered by us is quite reasonable and 25% less than the cost offered by other clinics in Dubai. The range of other clinics starts from AED 17,000 and ends up at AED 50,000. And the best thing is that all the procedures that cost more than AED 10,000 can be done in installments at Enfield Royal Clinic.

The procedure of Mini Gastric Bypass:

This is a surgical procedure that is done in multiple steps. Those steps are needed to be understood in order to have a better know-how about what will happen during the treatment. The treatment starts by:

  • Firstly numbing the abdomen with local anesthesia or sometimes general anesthesia. So that the client feels no pain during the procedure
  • Secondly, the surgeon will make multiple incisions on the abdomen in order to insert the instrument and camera through it for starting the proper treatment.
  • Once the camera is inserted inside, a complete view of the organs can be seen. The treating instruments are then inserted from the other incisions.
  • The treatment involves cutting the stomach into a vertical longitude shape like a banana. Which is then attached to the intestine. The other part is also attached to the other part of the intestine for the stomach juices.
  • The area is then stitched after the procedure is completed.

Benefits of Mini Gastric Bypass:

This procedure is a bundle of advantages that include;

  • This procedure can assist you with losing around 5 to 10 kilograms a month in the principal year following a medical procedure. You will step by step lose more weight by eating a solid eating routine and taking part in the standard activities.
  • This medical procedure likewise assists you with settling heftiness-related ailments all the more forcefully.
  • Dissimilar to the RYGB, it is effectively conceivable to completely invert the technique. Because of the straightforwardness of the essential methodology.

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