Micro FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Are you tired of seeing those cascading locks on the floor or your comb, but you? Then gain your full set back on your head with FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai. Restore them permanently with no scarring whatsoever and enter the realm of new hairstyles. This revolutionary technique uniquely balances both grafting and non-surgical terminology to create a blend of satisfaction to final results. It offers a sophisticated solution for those who are looking for a naturalistic and fuller hairline. Explore Micro FUE Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and rewind your youthful golden period.

What Is Micro FUE?

Unlike most treatments, it uses minimally invasive techniques to extract grafts from the selected area and transfer them to the recipient area. The micro refers to the specialized apparatus used, to precisely get the follicles without making additional incisions. There are many causative factors to hair loss namely pattern baldness, genetics, or any external trauma. The treatment remains a revolution in the world of transplantation and is gaining popularity due to its numerous advantages and reduced disadvantages. Fortunately, these conditions are treatable with this innovative technology that uses cutting-edge techniques to make your experience and investment worth it.

Aim Of Treatment:

The main goal is to reverse hair loss problems. While there are many methods available in this day and age, the only permanent solution is a transplant. This remains minimally invasive while still accumulating grafts from the head. Moreover, it leaves only temporary scars and great flexibility to harvest where the traditional ones can’t reach. 

What To Expect During The Process? 

There are several steps through which the process develops. Generally, these are discussed below:

  • First, the patient observes a detailed consultation with the specialist to gain insight into the treatment and select donor area.
  • Then the area to be treated is marked and adjusted to ensure a natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing outcome.
  • On the main day, the specialist uses fine-tipped gadgets to attain the necessary follicles. These are kept alive in a saline solution.
  • Meanwhile, the site is cleansed and local anesthesia is administered to avoid any discomfort.
  • Then the follicles are placed inside while keeping close attention to angle and depth to get natural growth.
  • After completion, the specialist recommends medications and guides you regarding the avoidance of certain foods and the cleaning process.
  • Follow-ups are maintained to thoroughly monitor the healing and address any concerns you might have.

Benefits To Look For:

There are several benefits to FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai. Some of the generated advantages are mentioned below:

  • This treatment utilizes new technology which results in barely visible scarring that can be hidden behind the density.
  • There is almost no damage to the extracted follicles as well as the surrounding ones. It also does not require shaving the site.
  • This treatment is stable enough to be suitable for all types of scalps including the ones with thinning or limited donor area.
  • As compared to traditional treatments, it can be completed in less time. However, it still depends on the size of the area.
  • Additionally, it requires shorter downtime and speedy recovery allowing you to resume your daily life shortly.
  • Furthermore, it is not limited to only head, it can also be used to restore eyebrows and beard for aesthetic improvement.
  • It is a permanent solution so no maintenance is needed except your regular care routine. You will also notice a rise in self-esteem and a significant change in self-perception that will improve the overall quality of your life.

What Is The Cost Of Micro FUE?

Generally, it can cost from AED 6,999 to AED 16,000. However, these costs are not fixed and might go up or down based on the resources used, the experience of the specialist, and the size of the area treated. So consult with the expert before making a final decision.

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