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Almost every type of bite pathology and dental flaw may be managed with the use of orthodontic designs. The most often used are metal braces, which, despite the system’s simplicity, are the best for treating complicated disorders. A particular medical alloy is used to create Metal Braces Dubai UAE. The substance is noticeable on the teeth and in people with sensitive immune systems, it may trigger allergic responses. But even in modern times, this kind of orthodontic design still produces positive treatment outcomes. Additionally, it is the only remedy for some serious disorders. In addition, Cheap Metal Braces Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is also affordable compared to their contemporary equivalents.

What are Metal Braces?

The traditional, dependable, and well-liked method of treating dental abnormalities is metal braces. Since the gray hue of these orthodontic components differs from the tint of tooth enamel naturally, they are visible on the teeth and are not seen to be very aesthetically pleasing. Metal braces have an unsightly appearance, but their efficacy makes up for it. They treat patients the quickest and are the best at handling difficult clinical cases in the field of bite correction. Additionally, its cost-effectiveness in comparison to other forms of braces continues to be a weight benefit for many patients.

What are the Characteristics?

Metal braces are most made from nickel alloys or medical-grade stainless steel. Nickel systems are highly durable, but patients are at risk of allergies to this metal. There are also gold-plated metal braces these models are more expensive but do not cause allergic reactions.

Depending on the design, metal braces are divided into ligature and non-ligature. In the first version, the archwire is fixed in the grooves of the braces by means of special elastic band ligatures, which securely hold it. Ligatures must be constantly changed, since it is necessary to adjust the force of the arc that they hold, so visits to the orthodontist when wearing such structures will become more frequent. Non-ligature braces are devoid of ligatures, they have a special mechanism a lock that fixes the arc. Such systems appear less bulky on the teeth, are more comfortable to wear, and allow bite correction to be completed faster. However, their cost is higher than the ligature ones.

Depending on the place of attachment, metal braces are divided into vestibular and lingual. Vestibular braces have traditional braces fastening on the outer side of the dentition. Lingual ones are attached to the inside of the teeth, that is, from the side of the tongue. The attachment option is chosen by the doctor depending on the direction in which the teeth need to be moved, but the patient can also choose it himself.

Lingual braces are quite expensive compared to vestibular braces, but they have an obvious advantage they are completely invisible to others. For those who do not want to draw attention to wearing braces or are worried about their external unattractiveness, this option will be ideal. However, it is worth noting that wearing lingual braces is less comfortable they cause more pain, and also disrupt diction.


The results of metal braces are always astonishing as they are the most used type of braces. Clients usually get tired of their metallic look but when at last they see their results they really appreciate it and always found satisfactory. Not a single client was found unsatisfied with their results.

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What are the Benefits of the Treatment?

Advantages of classic metal braces:

  • Can cope with bite defects of any severity.
  • Easier to maintain than ceramic and sapphire constructions.
  • Have a lower cost.
  • The strongest of all existing analogs.
  • Absolutely not subject to staining from drinks.
  • Allow you to complete the treatment in the shortest possible time.

Cost of Metal Braces Dubai:

The Cheapest Metal Braces Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi of a standard set of braces in our clinic can range from AED 4999 to AED 14999. This is the cost range for the construction, taking into account the cost of the whole treatment including the orthodontist appointment, preparation of an individual treatment plan, and measures for installing, removing, and adjusting braces. Only the orthodontist can tell you the exact amount of treatment after the consultation. It depends on the degree of complexity of a particular clinical case.

Come to us and we will select for you the most optimal treatment option and type of braces.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

As mentioned above, non-ligature braces are considered the most effective among metal braces. In general, bite correction takes 1-1.5 years. For small defects, the period can be reduced to six months. Treatment of complex pathologies can last up to 3 years.

The approximate period is determined by the orthodontist, after the diagnosis. The planned period of wearing braces may differ from the actual one. Depends on the dynamics of the displacement of the dentition. As a rule, the difference in timing, if any, is not at all significant.

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