Maximum Grafts IN DHI Hair Implant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Cost

Hairs have been considered to be the utmost beauty of the person for decades, the body can look better without hair. with the continuously increasing common issues of hair fall in the society. why do hairs fall? What is the reason behind falling? Yes, this is the most important subject to discuss, The reason for hair fall is the lack of proper nutrients, essential vitamins proteins, and lack of care leads to hair encounter these issues there are several techniques and procedures to rebuild the damaged hair procedures one of the significant techniques is the induction of Maximum Grafts in DHI Hair Implant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Why Does Hair Fall Happen?

Hairs play a major role in expressing beauty Several reasons lead to hair fall hair damage and baldness, These issues arise when hair follicles start degenerating. Hair follicles are the special regenerating structure that implies the growth of the hairs and surrounds the root of the hair and protects it. the absence of essential nutrients and the frequently used hair sprays gel shampoos etc. leads to the destruction of these follicles as a result hair starts falling. hair fall is also a genetically transmitted factor transferred from parents to offspring.

What Is DHI Hair Implant?

To avoid excessive hair fall there are several different techniques used. one of the significant result and remarkable results carried out is DHI(Direct Hair Transplant) which is an invasive surgical technique. It is nonscary and doesn’t leave any spot or scar it is also a pain-free procedure. It is a very advanced procedure because as compared to other hair transplant techniques that were used earlier it is conducted with the help of a special instrument known as a choi implanter pen.

How This Procedure Is Conducted?

This is a most advanced surgical technique that needs the most expert and experienced person to conduct it, steps include;

  • First of all the surgeon will select the area from where the follicles are to be extracted
  • Mainly hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head
  • Then the area will be shaved off to get a clear picture
  • Once the follicles are extracted successfully 
  • These follicles are injected into the tip of the special tool 
  • The next step is to induce these follicles to the areas of baldness with the help of that tool in the region of the scalp 
  • Then the surgeon will cover that scalp area by applying some topical ointment.
  • With the help of this tool, the induced follicles will remain there for almost 12 to 14 months and start generating new hairs 

Maximum Grafts in DHI:

Depending on the age and severity of the hair disorder a person suffering from the maximum number of grafts varies from person to person but to make the procedure highly successful and demanding it is necessary to implant around 2000-2,500 grafts in one session.

People Ideal for the Procedure:

It is very important to know the desirable candidates for the procedure People who are suffering from alopecia or continuous hair fall especially those who are tired of applying different remedies to restore their hair growth and especially those who are above the age of 40 because hair fall predictions are found in people above 40 or also those who are having genetically transmitted factor of less hair or hair fall with white complexion.

Aftercare Of The Procedure:

Every technique needs some precautionary measure to be taken to make it successful long-lasting durable and trouble-free.

  • One should not apply any chemical to the transplanted area to avoid harmful effect
  • Do not use any topical cream and oil which become the cause of hair fall again
  • The unnecessary use of drinks and medicines containing alcohol should be avoided
  • Avoid exposure to the sun rays 
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the area treated
  •  Avoid combing and touching your scalp area

Benefits Of The Procedure:

This is a very advanced and well-known technique among the list of other techniques applied to restore hair growth it is no doubt a very expensive procedure with a handful of benefits. does not only improve hair growth but also provides denser hair growth with good quality.

  • It is a little intrusive does not require large cuts and does not leave scars behind
  • It has faster recovery as compared to other hair techniques
  • The chances of losing injected follicles in the scalp are very low thus it is a safe procedure
  • Efficacy and authenticity of the procedure are very; important due to the use of special tools instead of manual handling
  • It gives a natural look to the patient and provides 90% surety of restoring hair from injected follicles
  • It is a less time-consuming technique one can get back to his normal routine quickly

Side Effects:

It is not recommended to the patient suffering from a tumor or any blood disease whether acute or chronic because of the chances of coagulation.

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