Masseter Botox Injection Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

We offer you a non-surgical solution for jaw reduction!

Did you know that millions of people choose Masseter Botox Treatment Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to lose weight and get rid of jaw pain and headaches? This is largely an excellent method for reducing jaw width without surgery, and is medically approved by the FDA, requires only 15-20 minutes in a dermatologist’s office, and is available at an affordable cost.

What is Masseter?

The masseter is a facial muscle that connects the lower jaw to your cheek. It is a large muscle located in the middle of the cheek and strongly influences the shape of the face. Larger and stronger chewing muscles make the face look square. Despite this problem, the constant tension of this muscle can lead to jaw pain, headaches, and Swiss cheese molars.

Most often, residents of Korea, China, and East Asia are born with such muscles, but this is not a hard rule. Anyone who is not born with masticatory muscles can subsequently develop large and strong muscles due to excessive chewing.

How does Botox work for Masseter Muscle?

Masseter muscle, which causes a wider face and chewing problems, is easily treated with Botox. This injection reduces the width of the lower part of the face and brings back oval faces. Since it is not a filler, there will be no immediate effect. When injected, Botox blocks signals from the nerves of the masseter muscle. As a result, this muscle cannot be used so much that it reduces firmness and automatically reduces the jaw width.

How is the Procedure Done?

The Masseter Botox Treatment in Dubai is pretty quick. In total, you only need to get five injections to target the chewing muscle, probably in one sitting. The injections when delivered, make it easier for your jaw to work, relieves its tension, change its visibility, and make it slimmer. No pain is expected during this entire process as the specialists use pain-relieving creams or pain relievers. Patients may need to repeat this general process several weeks apart to obtain the desired results.

A day or two after treatment, the muscle may ache slightly. Your doctor will advise pain-relieving medications to cope up with this pain. There might be additional sessions required depending on the severity of the problem.

What are the Results?

The results of the Masseter Botox Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are already visible within the first week. However, these results last for three to six months depending on how strong your muscles are and how often you get Botox. The results are expected to disappear after about six months. Patients can hope for the longevity of the results depending on further care if needed.

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Masseter Botox Injection Treatment Dubai  Masseter Botox Injection Treatment in Dubai  Masseter Botox Injection Treatment

Cost of Masseter Botox Treatment:

The average cost of a Botox masseter treatment in Dubai can range from AED 600 to AED 1500 per procedure. Patients are told the exact cost of treatment at the initial consultation, depending on the type of results you are looking for and the skills of your surgeon.


So, if your masseter muscles have increased, seek timely help from our doctors. They will check what face shape you are experiencing and ask you about the main signs of grinding and squeezing problems. Based on this information, you will be advised on the best botox plan to achieve the best slimming effect without losing your jawline definition.

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