Lower Blepharoplasty Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Are you worried and tired of having eye bags that make you look more restless and older than your age? If so, then the rejuvenation of eyelids has become possible with the application of various procedures like Lower Blepharoplasty In Dubai, which has aided and abetted in the treatment of saggy eyelids and the removal of excessive fats from the skin. It is a surgical procedure that aims at the droopiness under the eyes and its puffiness resulting either from the loss or gain of fats or collagen. The treatment enhances the overall appearance of your eyes and is a popular choice for various reasons discussed below. Find out how much Lower Blepharoplasty Cost In Dubai  & Abu Dhabi.

What Is Lower Blepharoplasty?

It is an eyelid surgery that is particularly aimed at enhancing the appearance of the eyes and revitalizing them by removing the accumulated fats, skin, or muscles. In this process, the under-eye wrinkles, sagginess, and creases are eliminated. In doing so, the optical performance of the eyes is also improved as the excess skin acts as a hindrance, leading to vision impairment.

Aim Of Treatment:

The treatment is advantageous in both medical and aesthetic terms. It helps to restore the look of the eyes, which sags due to contracted lower eye muscles, thus making the eye muscles more tight. Additionally, the treatment is also used in enhancing the vision system which is repaired by the removal of fats and skin under and from the iris, respectively and thus there is freedom of obstruction and enhances clearest vision. Moreover, the treatment plays an essential function in improving an appearance. Since this treatment reduces signs of early aging from the eyes, one looks younger and more joyful thus boosting his/her confidence.

What Happens After The Treatment?

After the downtime, the puffiness around the eye disappears. The excessive skin will be removed, making you appear more youthful and refreshed without visual faults, and gloomy looks from past days.

Wondering If You Are An Ideal Candidate?

If you have puffiness under your eyes and the bags are too large, that they are becoming a label of poor aesthetics for you, then you may consult with a specialist. Your overall health history is checked before projecting a customized treatment to reduce the unwanted condition. 

What To Expect During The Process?

Lower Blepharoplasty entire session involves the following steps:

  • Initially, the skin is cleansed and prepared for the incisions.
  • For painless treatment, anesthesia is injected underneath to numb the area.
  • Then incisions are made just below the lower lash line or under the creases so that it becomes less noticeable. The extra skin, fats, or muscles are removed or tightened.
  • The wound is then closed with stitches. However, if the surgery is performed from the inside of the folds, then there is no need for stitches to close the wound.
  • The entire procedure may take about 45 minutes to one hour to complete.
  • You’re required to stay at the hospital but possibly be discharged within a day.

What Is The Recovery Time?

The usual time for recovery is around 10 days, given the following conditions are satisfied:

  • During the first week, you might notice swelling or bruising under the eyes.
  • The doctor will stitch the wound for effective healing. If the sutures used are non-dissolvable, then a follow-up visit will become mandatory to remove them.
  • The operated site will heal within 1-2 months, a minor adjustment or positional changes will be resolved and the under-eye swelling will be tapered off to exhibit an altogether new and fresh appearance.

How Much Does It Cost?

The exact cost varies according to personalized factors such as the complexity of the procedure and the extent of its duration. However, according to an average estimate, the expected price can start from AED 10,000 and more. 

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