Liposuction Surgery for Gynecomastia in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Male bosom a medical procedure is an undeniably normal technique that can safely restore a man’s body with certainty and a peaceful mind of confidence – In a world where aesthetics is a crucial element of an individual’s personality. Attaining or modifying one’s body to cast off the shadows of humiliation can be effortlessly gained by undergoing Liposuction In Dubai. Explore how it helps you reach your desired masculine silhouettes. Keep reading Liposuction Surgery For Gynecomastia In Dubai & Abu Dhabi to embrace your transformational journey.

What Is Liposuction?

It can help remove excess fat from the stomach, hips, or thighs, among other areas of the body. If your weight is consistent, it’s more about shaping your body than it is about dropping a lot of weight. A little tube is used to suction out the excess fat during the treatment. It functions best if you have specific regions of your body where fat remains regardless of any diet and exercise. To find out if it’s best for you and to learn what to expect, it’s important to speak with your doctor.


Best Clinic of Liposuction Surgery for Gynecomastia Dubai   Best Clinic of Liposuction Surgery for Gynecomastia in Dubai   Best Liposuction Surgery for Gynecomastia Dubai

Best Liposuction Surgery for Gynecomastia in Dubai   Liposuction Surgery for Gynecomastia Dubai   Liposuction Surgery for Gynecomastia in Dubai

How Does It Work For Gynecomastia?

The overgrowth of breast tissue in men is a disorder that can be treated with liposuction. When excess fatty tissue is the primary cause, it can effectively shrink enlarged breasts and achieve a more manly chest contour.  It’s essential to remember that the precise features of gynecomastia determine how efficient this option is in treating the condition. For the best outcomes, extra surgical procedures such as skin tightening or glandular tissue removal may be required in some circumstances.


This method is particularly appropriate for pseudo-gynecomastia where glandular tissue is not the primary cause of breast growth, but rather excess fatty tissue. Following are the general steps;

  • Depending on the whole process and the patient’s request, either general anesthesia or sedation is given to the patient.
  • The surgeon makes markings usually focusing on parts of the chest with extra fat is located.
  • Next, tiny incisions are created inside the armpit or on the sides of the chest, usually measuring less than half an inch in length. They are positioned carefully to reduce obvious scarring.
  • Through these, a cannula i.e. a thin, tube-shaped instrument is inserted.
  • It has a vacuum attachment attached to it, which removes extra fat and glandular tissue from the desired locations.
  • To shape the chest and provide a more natural contour, the doctor carefully maneuvers it. 
  • Sutures or surgical tape are used to close the incisions once the correct shape has been obtained.
  • To reduce swelling and support in the healing process, the patient must wear a compression garment while being observed in a recovery area.
  • Throughout the recovery phase, follow-up appointments and your stay at the hospital are planned to evaluate the outcomes and resolve any issues.


It is very helpful for all those people who want to improve the appearance of their chest. Enlist below are a few advantages;

  • The results of this breast reduction surgery are long-lasting.
  • Beyond visible improvements, it increases confidence and promotes self-assurance.
  • It improves functionality and makes the chest seem better.
  • You don’t have to hide yourself in baggy clothing, style yourself the way you want.
  • You will be happy with the overall results as it aligns with your aesthetic goals.
  • The asymmetry of your breasts will be achieved, making the entire appearance more harmonious.


  • A vest should be worn for some time. A short tube can be attached to the treated area to drain blood and fluids. 
  • This should be continued for at least the first two days. The recovery period lasts for several weeks, but most patients return to their usual light activities within 4 to 5 days.
  • During the early stages of recovery, they are usually advised to limit hard activities. Long-term benefits are typically achieved in a matter of months as the body recovers, with minimal scarring that gradually disappears. 
  • You may experience some bruising and swelling. Patients need to visit the clinic for stitch removal after 8-10 days of the surgery. Therefore, discomfort is normal after the surgery, and you should take any of the prescribed pain medications as advised by the doctor.
  • Also, decreasing steam showers, dozing straight away, wearing free pieces of clothing, and hydrating yourself to support bosoms for certain pieces of clothing are essential for home care.

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