Liposuction Surgery Cost in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi Liposuction Price

Our clinic offers you Liposuction in Dubai, UAE, the purpose of which is to fix body parts by removing excess subcutaneous fat.

In aesthetic surgery, such a service is quite popular because it is one of the best and fastest methods of bringing your body to its desired state. The procedure does not take much time and gives an immediately visible result. Postoperative scars are practically invisible, heal well and do not cause any discomfort. The rehabilitation period passes quickly enough, and there are also no extreme restrictions regarding physical activity.

The cost of liposuction depends on each specific case and can vary greatly.

What Factors Impact the Cost?

The cost of any plastic surgery procedure depends on some factors which directly impact the investment you’ll need to make on this procedure.

Procedure Type:

It is a Surgical procedure.


General Anesthesia is used in this procedure; however, local anesthesia may be used in some cases.


Duration of procedure also depends on the type of procedure and the amount of fat that needs to be removed. For the abdomen or chest, it may take two hours. For the back, it can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. For arms, legs and thighs, it can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours.


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Recovery Period:

Other factors also impact the recovery period, but it can take 3-7 days on average.

What is the Cost of Liposuction in Dubai?

The Cost of Liposuction principally depends on the amount of fat that needs to be removed and the complexity of the operation. However, on average, the Cost of Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can range from 2000 AED to 20000 AED. Significant surgeries can cost a lot more than a minor procedure lasting for 30 minutes.

When to Opt for the Procedure?

If you have spent a lot of time on diets, proper nutrition, and exercise, there is virtually no result. Or if there is, it does not suit you at all. Then you can apply for liposuction at our clinic. 

Our specialized and dedicated doctors will tell you what further steps you need to take to undergo this procedure. The operation itself does not guarantee to remove a large amount of subcutaneous fat. Still, the result after this surgery will be much more noticeable than after the loss of the same amount of fatty tissue by other methods.

There are Two Types of Obesity.

Generalised or General Obesity:

With such an issue, you need to adhere to a diet of proper nutrition, increase or add physical activity, and drink more water. Liposuction won’t do much good in this case.

Local Obesity:

It is obesity in specific areas of the figure. In this case, the opposite is true, diets and sports will not be effective here, and it is worth contacting the clinic, where they will help solve this problem. Doctors can perform Liposuction on the abdomen, thighs, back, neck, and other areas.

Stages of Preparation:

Several essential rules must be followed when preparing for liposuction. If they are violated, undesirable and unpredictable consequences are possible. Therefore, it is better to consider all the nuances and prepare as much as possible for the process.

  • A complete examination by the attending physician, the delivery of all tests and the passage of apparatus examinations
  • Elimination of alcohol and cigarettes from the diet a few days before and after the operation
  • Temporary elimination of drugs that can make the blood more liquid
  • Familiarisation with the procedure itself and the possible consequences.

Why Choose Us?

When choosing a clinic, you should pay attention to the Liposuction Surgery Cost in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi, since many factors depend on it, up to the competence and professionalism of the staff. We provide the best service and conditions for the operation, as well as rehabilitation after it.