Lip Fillers For Gummy Smile in Dubai

Have you lost a certain portion of your lips? Or do you just want to reshape your lips? Either way, you can easily restore the lost aesthetic appearance of your lips almost quickly. In case, you are short on time to attend a grand event you are looking forward to. We have a great treatment option to eliminate all aging signs that are downgrading your facial aesthetics around the mouth area. Reach out to our clinic and undergo Lip Fillers For Gummy Smile today. Achieve a healthy-looking and brilliant smile that will win hearts whenever you go.

What Are Lip Fillers?

To be precise, Lip Fillers are utilized to add and enhance the volume of the lips. While doing so, it is also involved in reshaping the texture of the lips as it manipulates the existing texture of the gums as well. Moreover, these injectables are also classified and utilized for cosmetic purposes. They are mostly composed of Hyaluronic acid. The outcome of the treatment is capable of lasting for almost a year or more if they are well-maintained. Furthermore, you will benefit from a customized treatment determined based on your needs and desired aesthetic appearance. 

How It Is Utilized For The Gummy Smile?

While focusing on the basic purpose of the treatment, you are about to receive an enhanced texture and volume of your lips. Consequently, it will further pave the way for hiding the visible appearance of your upper gums. These injectables are preferred by specialists when you are looking to enhance the overall texture of your smile. The good news is that the treatment is equally beneficial for the upper and lower lips while covering the visibility of the wider gums too.    

What To Expect During The Session?

After following the basic protocol for the treatment, you are then about to receive certain steps during the session.

  • First things first, to generate the numbness within the under-treatment portion, some topical anesthesia is applied above.
  • After a certain time, it is thoroughly outlined or highlighted for the upcoming injections.
  • Later, depending on the intensity of the treatment, the fluid is inserted into the highlighted part of the skin using a precise percentage of the formula. 
  • In the end, some soothing gel is applied to tame any soreness. You are guided about some aftercare guidelines to prevent any mishap.  
  • Finally, another follow-up session is scheduled for you to prolong the best effects of your newly modified smile. 

Dos And Don’ts Before And After The Treatment:

Measures Before The Injectable Session:

  • If you are already undergoing any other medical or topical treatment, then you need to amend the intake of the medicines for the time being according to the suggestions of the specialist.
  • Aside from that you even need to follow the specific diet plan as well.
  • Avoid the intake of food items containing caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • Moreover, also have realistic expectations regarding the aftermath and influence of the treatment.  

Measures After The Injectable Session: 

  • Apply ice cubes to the lip if you feel inflammation. 
  • Keep your lips well-hydrated.
  • Do not apply any lipstick or other cosmetic products to the lips for 48 hours or more. 

Benefits Of Lip Fillers For Gummy Smile:  

Below are a few advantages of Lip Fillers In Dubai for you to cherish the positive outcomes on your overall facial aesthetics:

  • You are protected from bearing the hectic hurdle of surgical treatments.
  • Moreover, there is no downtime after the treatment. 
  • You can easily pursue your daily normal activities after the session.
  • There are no visible or negative influences of the treatment, in the form of scars, signs, or marks on the skin. 
  • While undergoing the simple treatment you are about to improve the volume of the lips.
  • Finally, you will experience a natural-looking and instant rejuvenation of the appearance of your pout.

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