Laser Vaginal Tightening How Does it Work in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

With age and after childbirth, the vaginal membrane loses its elasticity, and the walls of the organ weaken, as they do not receive sufficient blood supply. The medical name for this phenomenon is vaginal relaxation syndrome. It negatively affects the quality of intimate life and often leads to urinary incontinence as a result of stress. Modern medicine can offer an effective way to solve this problem. Laser vaginoplasty is a replacement for a standard operation using a scalpel, which is also performed with a loss of intimate muscle tone. So, what is Laser Vaginal Tightening How Does it Work in Dubai?

Laser Vaginal Tightening How Does it Work?

Many people opting for the treatment ask the question what is Laser Vaginal Tightening How Does it Work in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? In the process, the natural formation of collagen is activated, and the ability of muscles to stretch increases. After the procedure, the vagina shrinks, and sexual contact is felt brighter. The lift also corrects urinary incontinence by strengthening the walls of the intimate muscles.

It is performed at least six months after childbirth and breastfeeding. The impact of the laser will not affect future pregnancy negatively, on the contrary, the elasticity of the walls can help with future childbirth.

An intimate lifting session is performed in a sterile room using a gynecological chair. The procedure time is 20-40 minutes. After the manipulation, the woman can immediately go home without staying in the hospital.

Powerful bio-stimulating functions of laser radiation reduce collagen and elastin fibers and stimulate the cells that create new collagen. The method gives a quick result, only increasing over time.

What Results can you Achieve?

The positive result of laser exposure is noted not only by the patient but also by her partner. This happens because:

  • The vaginal membrane is strengthened, and its elasticity increases
  • The volume of intimate muscles decreases
  • Lubricant is produced in sufficient quantity
  • Sexual contact brings more pleasure to both partners
  • Reduce or eliminate symptoms of urinary incontinence.

The main advantage of the sessions is the safety of lifting, a guarantee of a natural and lasting result.

What is the Preparation for the Treatment Like?

Laser lifting of the vagina does not require a woman to prepare for a long time, and contraindications to it do not differ from the restrictions for conventional physiotherapy. The patient must take tests, a smear for the presence of altered cells, and inflammation, and undergo an ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

Lifting is used for women of any age, but the maximum effect is observed in the period from 25 to 55 years. It is during this interval that the activity of fibroblasts in a woman is easiest to stimulate.

A few days after the procedure, doctors recommend refraining from sexual intercourse due to the high sensitivity of the vaginal walls. For a lasting effect, a woman needs to take a course of 3 sessions with breaks of 3-4 weeks.

Who Should Get the Treatment?

As a rule, the clients of our clinic are young mothers who have experienced postpartum changes in the vaginal area, as well as women in both early and late menopause who need to correct unwanted changes in the vaginal tissues caused by hormonal failure and age.

The following intimate problems may be the best choice for laser technology:

  • Postpartum stretching of the vagina.
  • Loss of elasticity and omission of the walls of the vagina.
  • stress urinary incontinence.
  • Reduced sensitivity of the vagina and dissatisfaction with the quality of sexual intimacy.
  • Dryness of the vaginal mucosa, irritation, and itching during menopause.
  • Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse due to psychogenic causes).
  • Aesthetic problems laser exposure allows you to adjust the size of the labia minora, making them more delicate, as well as significantly reducing pigmentation in the perineal area.

How is the Treatment Performed?

The procedure of laser rejuvenation of the genitals in our clinic is carried out in the gynecological office by an experienced and very professional gynecologist-endocrinologist, and candidate in medical sciences. The patient is located in the gynecological chair. Anesthesia is not required. A special mirror is installed in the vagina and a laser nozzle is inserted, which transmits laser pulses to the mucous membrane.

During the treatment, the patient may feel heat and vibration, and there may also be slight discomfort. All manipulations last about 30 minutes, after which the woman can leave the clinic and lead a normal life with few restrictions during the first 5 days.

The Takeaway

Thanks to modern medical laser technologies and the use of intimate contouring, a woman of our time lives a vibrant life, including sexual life, and as long and actively as she sees fit.

The treatment at Enfield Royal Laser Treatment Clinic is performed by doctors having a high level of professional medical laser and patented laser rejuvenation technologies that have no analogs and what is most pleasant is the low prices in this segment for such kind of procedure.