Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

There’s nothing Laser Cannot Fix!

Our lips, like our skin, are heavily influenced by environmental factors and daily habits. Sun exposures, smoking, caffeine overdose, poor cosmetics, or perhaps genetics; are the reasons we all confront darker lips at least once in our lives. Are you also one of those who survived? Can’t find any reliable treatment? Wait, do you know about LASERS?

At Royal, we bring Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that fits your budget. This is an FDA-approved proven way to get soft, pink nourished lips without any serious or risky effort. Compared to exfoliation, lasers work more gently. It targets melanin overproduction deeply, not just works topically. As you attend each session, you will begin to notice dramatic changes in your lip color, but keep in mind that post-sessions and follow-up care are imperative to maintain results throughout your life, however, we ensure that our Smokers Lips treatments deliver long-term results.

What Causes Dark Lips?

Black spots that come on lips are not unjustifiable. There’s something wrong in your daily routine or perhaps in your health condition, you are suffering this condition. Before planning any treatment for your dark lips, find out the underlying causes below.

  • Smoking
  • Sun exposures
  • Dehydration
  • Smoking
  • Poor cosmetics
  • Allergic Reactions


Best Clinic of Laser Treatment for Dark Lips Dubai   Best Clinic of Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai   Best Laser Treatment for Dark Lips Dubai

Best Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai   Laser Treatment for Dark Lips Dubai   Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai

How does the Laser work for Dark Lips?

Lasers are a proven way of treating dark lips. The heat energy caused by lasers targets the excess melanin and reduces the pigmentation. After the darker melanin is removed, the lips automatically take on natural, lighter color. This entire process will take no more than 20 minutes, and a significant change in lip color is observed over several sessions.

Dermatologists usually suggest 3-4 laser sessions for dark lips. Each of them should be carried out at intervals of four weeks. How the laser responds best to your lips and what kind of care you take, the number of laser sessions can vary.

Cost of Laser Lip Lightening:

The average cost of Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is AED 600 per session. Prices tend to vary depending on the light level and the number of sessions used. Please consult us for an accurate cost estimate.

Catch some Important Tips:

Despite bluntly trying the ways out from dark lips, read this reliable information as it can help you prevent complications caused by false treatments.

Lip Balms: Great for getting rid of dark lips. Always carry a quality lip balm with you and reapply it multiple times to keep your lips soft and nourished.

Bite or Lick: Don’t even think about it. It dries your lips faster than you might expect.

Sun Exposure: Sun exposure can worsen lip pigmentation and make it difficult to get results even after a laser. Apply sunscreen before leaving the house and notice how it can change your lips.

Other natural remedies: Coconut oil, rose water, olive oil, almonds, sugar, beets can help your dark lips, but their results are not as effective as lasers. It is recommended to catch one treatment at a time. If you are undergoing laser treatment for dark lips in Dubai, do not go for natural remedies at the same time, as this can leave an adverse reaction on your lips.

Please consult dermatologists before trying these tactics out. 

Watch out your Makeup:

Many cosmetics may have harsh chemicals and their prolonged use may cause lip pigmentation. Always go for genuine make-up products that are free of toxins and harsh chemicals. Well, there are cosmetic companies out there that provide skin safety, typically have quite high prices. But, this investment is worth it.

Find more about Laser Dark Lip’s Treatment:

Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? You should do it once. It’s the most effective way to get over the growing problem of dark lips in both genders. In men, it’s the result of smoking, or perhaps in women, it’s because of poor cosmetics. Well, whatever the reason we can help! As experts in the field of lasers and the best laser clinic in Dubai, we ensure high safety standards and exceptional results.

Our experience in laser treatments for dark lips will definitely bring impressive results. For more information about this treatment or to make an appointment, contact us now. Fill out the short form or call +971 50 955 4372 to get started.