Laser Tattoo Removal for New Tattoo in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal

Today we live in a world where self-expression meets innovation as this is the era where tattoo art is the heartbeat of youth culture. Tattoos, the timeless imprints on our bodies, speak volumes about individuality and personal stories. It is a permanent print form on a body part by injecting colorful ink underneath the skin. However, sometimes we demand change or might regret our decisions. Laser Tattoo Removal In Dubai can provide you with a revolutionary solution. Explore your transformative journey by exploring Laser Tattoo Removal For New Tattoo In Dubai & Abu Dhabi to help you gain knowledge about the whole procedure.

How Does Laser Help Remove Tattoos?

It is an advanced treatment used to remove the tattoo ink by breaking the pigmentation of the inky patches with the help of a highly intense laser beam over the pigmented area. Then a highly intense beam is followed over the tattoo which breaks the ink units into tiny particles. Those are then removed from the body by natural process.


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How Many Sessions Are Needed?

In Dubai, most dermatologists recommend having at least a one-month or more gap in removing a new tattoo after its formation. Even after 1.5 months, it’s hard to remove tattoos with a single session. It takes at least 3 to 4 sitting to get the tattoo removed.

Is It Recommended By The Dermatologists?

It is not recommended immediately because the ink does not settle down properly in this period at least 3 months are needed for the ink to completely settle down which helps the highly intense beam of laser to penetrate through it and break it down to its minimal units.

Is It Risky To Remove A New Tattoo?

As well when it comes to removing a new tattoo it’s found risky as it causes more swelling and burns which last longer with much irritation in the skin. This can be prevented by consulting with a skilled dermatologist.


This therapy involves the following steps,

  • The expert will clean up the area first. Cleaning any buildup of dirt or sweat glands from the outer layer is necessary.
  • Using numbing cream on top is the next step. You’ll be able to stay comfortable the entire session thanks to the anesthetic effects.
  • You put on safety goggles to protect your eyes. And the process is started by turning on the handheld gadget.
  • The patterns are drawn directly onto the light beams. Discarding the pigments takes less than a minute.
  • The heat energy enters the dermis and permeates it from the inside. This encourages blood flow and generates new collagen fibers. 
  • The same procedures are repeatedly carried out. The full session takes some time to finish, depending on your tattoo removal
  • Finally, the area that has been treated is covered with a soothing gel. Any inflammation or pain from the heat energy will subside as a result of this. 
  • In the end, you’ll be scheduled for another session and sent home with a few homecare guidelines to prevent any irritation or potential risks.


Laser therapy is quite beneficial in removing tattoos permanently. Some of its vivid advantages include:

  • It is a highly effective and permanent method that offers a clean slate for those looking to remove their tattoos. 
  • The removal process targets specific tattoo pigments with precision, without affecting the surrounding skin.
  • You won’t have to cover up your tattoo with cosmetics anymore. 
  • Also, it can brighten the skin complexion and reverse skin sagging. 
  • Compared to traditional methods, this therapy minimizes the risk of scarring, resulting in smoother and more natural-looking skin.
  •  It is a versatile method and can handle various ink colors, including vibrant and complex shades.
  • You will experience an upgrade to your aesthetics and a boost in your self-esteem.

How Much Does It Cost:

It depends upon the number of sessions needed by a person as well as the size and condition of the tattoo. According to the average estimate, the price is valued at AED 500 to AED 3000. 

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