Laser Tattoo Removal for New Tattoo in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal

Tattoo art is the trending vibe of every time for youth. A tattoo is a permanent print form on a body part by injecting colorful ink underneath the skin. They do not go away with aging but fade down as time passes. But what if someone wants to remove it from its body? Nothing to worry about, Laser Tattoo Removal for New Tattoo in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is found quite effective and way more efficient.

About Treatment:

It is an advanced treatment used to remove the tattoo ink by breaking the pigmentation of the tattoo with the help of a highly intense laser beam over the pigmented area. All the side parts are covered with dark cloth except the treatment area so that laser rays could not affect any other area mistakenly. Then a highly intense beam is followed over the tattoo which breaks the ink units into smaller and smaller ones. Those smaller particles are removed from the body by natural process.


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Laser Treatment for New Tattoo:

In Dubai, most dermatologists recommend having at least a one-month or more gap in removing a new tattoo after its formation. Even after 1.5 months, it’s hard to remove tattoos with a single sitting. It takes at least 3 to 4 sitting to get the tattoo removed.

Is It Recommended By the Dermatologists?

It is not recommended because the ink does not settle down properly in this period at least 3 months are needed for the ink to completely settle down which helps the highly intense beam of laser to penetrate through it and break it down to its minimal units.

Is It Risky to Remove New Tattoo?

As well when it comes to removing a new tattoo it’s found risky as it causes more swelling and burns which last longer with much irritation in the skin.

How Much Does it Cost in Dubai?

According to an estimate Laser Tattoo Removal for New Tattoo in Dubai costs from 500AED to 3000AED depending upon the number of sessions needed by a person as well the size and condition of the tattoo.

Factors Affecting the Laser Removal of Tattoo:

  • Duration of tattoo being form
  • Condition of the tattoo, if it is being completely healed or not.
  • Tattoo’s location on the body
  • Size of tattoos
  • Colors used in tattoo
  • The depth of the ink beneath the skin
  • Density of skin tone
  • Sensitivity of the skin
  • Type and quality of ink used for the tattoo
  • Expertise of Doctor or artist in treatment
  • Immunity of a person
  • Exposure to UV

Benefits of Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy is quite beneficial in removing tattoos permanently. Some of its vivid benefits include:

  • Permanent removal of Tattoo
  • Effective and efficient Results
  • Smooth and easy non-surgical treatment
  • Minimal or no chances for scarring
  • Less painful than the incision
  • Safe and friendly way to remove tattoos.


At last, the conclusion mentions giving your tattoo at least a 3-month gap to heal so that it gets removed more effectively with expected results. But in this era of technology, nothing is impossible. Your new tattoo with take time but can be removed in multiple sessions.

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