Laser Skin Whitening for Inner Thighs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Do you know the darkening of private areas begins with inner thighs? So if you do have dark inner thighs or if your thighs begin to turn black, take it seriously and plan lasers!

To tackle the growing problem of dark inner thighs, especially in ladies we offer Laser Skin whitening for Inner Thighs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. This treatment can treat even the darkest thighs in only 2-3 sessions. FDA has approved the use of lasers in inner thighs for whitening, and currently, it’s on the to-do list of everyone who is beach-going, swim lover, and whose thighs are always exposed in front of the public.

Still, if the idea of lasers for dark thighs makes you nervous, read this elaborated guide.

Reasons for Dark Thighs:

There are two main reasons for dark inner thighs. Number one is skin rubbing and second is hormones instabilities. In addition, too much sun exposure is also one of the great reasons for dark inner thighs. So, before perusing lasers for your dark thighs, make sure you escape such activities and also don’t plan exercises that cause rubbing your thighs.

The problem of dark thighs is most common in obese people, whose legs constantly interact with each other. However, it would be helpful if you lose some weight to maintain a gap between your thighs and thus prevent the risk of your thighs turning black in the future.

We advise our patients to see dermatologists early in order to determine the true cause of a person’s dark spots on the thighs so that appropriate treatment can be carried out.

Laser Procedure for Dark Thighs:

Laser whitening for inner thighs in Dubai is performed in the same way as with other laser procedures. It only takes 20-30 minutes at the office. The procedure begins with applying an anesthetic cream to the thighs to control irritation. After that, the laser device is gently moved over the thighs, which emits light, breaks melanin, and brings about rapid change. The thighs appear lighter and bit red but with slight bruising, which is tolerable.

Is Laser a Good Decision for Dark Thighs?

In terms of typical home remedies and ordinary ointments, Laser Skin Whitening is ideal for dark thighs. Most studies report that the use of a laser is most suitable for treating hard black areas such as dark thighs and armpits. The powerful beams emitted by the laser device can target the melanin deep in the skin to effectively combat the root problem that causes the darkening of the inner thighs. Like millions of people, you can also choose lasers for your dark inner thighs.

What are the Results? Is Laser Skin Whitening Permanent?

Laser whitening of the inner thigh skin in Dubai is considered a long-term rather than permanent solution. Lighter thighs will be visible. The results will last for up to several months depending on the lifestyle you choose. After 3-4 days of laser, a change in skin color is noticeable, which improves as more as the melanin tends to decrease over time.

Best Laser Skin Whitening for Inner Thighs in Dubai   Laser Skin Whitening for Inner Thighs in Dubai Best Clinic of Laser Skin Whitening for Inner Thighs in Dubai

How Many Sessions are Required?

How darker your inner thighs are will greatly affect the number of sessions you need to do. In most cases, 4-5 laser whitening sessions are sufficient. Your doctor may also use chemical peels one week apart to improve results.

How Much Cost to Treat Dark Thighs with Lasers?

The average cost for the one session of Laser Skin whitening for Inner Thighs in Dubai is AED 700. It may go up depending upon the expertise of the dermatologist as well as the number of sessions that need to be done in your case.


The dark complexion can be loved, but when it comes to the inner armpits and thighs, it is the most hated. But there is nothing more to worry about! We can help. Schedule Laser Skin Whitening for Inner Thighs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi using the form below or by calling +971 4333 0708.