Laser Hair Removal for Women's Upper Lips in Dubai Price & Cost

For many women, unwanted hair above the upper lip is a source of worry. How the fair sex gets rid of them! The majority of at-home hair removal techniques, however, are useless because shaving and plucking both significantly thicken the hair. Laser Hair Removal for Women’s Upper Lips in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is the approach that works best in this circumstance. The hair progressively stops growing as a result of the laser beam’s penetration into the skin, which kills the follicles and damages the melanin. Since dark, coarse hair contains more melanin than lighter hair, the laser’s effect is greatest when it is present.

How To Prepare Yourself Before the Procedure?

Stop using tweezers to remove the hair above the lip before the epilation. Avoid using wax strips and other items that harm the hair follicles for two to four weeks. Avoid using a tanning bed and apply sunscreen to your skin before going outside.

It is best to trim the longest hair just before epilation. One to two millimeters is the ideal hair length for laser hair removal.

If you have previously used tetracycline-group antibiotics, at least two weeks should have passed between your last dose and your epilation procedure. Cease using all alcohol-containing creams and lotions a week before the procedure, and stop using all creams and decorative cosmetics right away on the day of the epilation.


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The cosmetologist analyses the hair density and stiffness on the upper lip prior to the treatment. He adjusts the device’s settings following this.

In the preliminary phase of Laser Hair Removal for Women’s Upper Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi the specialist dons tinted spectacles and hands the patient a pair to shield their eyes from laser flashes. After that, he treats the skin with a laser after applying a cooling gel to it. It takes no longer than five minutes to complete, after which the beautician wipes away any remaining gel and moisturizes the skin with an anti-inflammatory lotion.

Skin Care After the Laser Treatment?

Without harming the epidermis or dermis, the laser only affects the hair follicles during epilation. As a result, there is no actual recuperation period and no traces are left on the skin. However, it is advised to abide by the following guidelines to avoid skin irritation or pigmentation:

  • 1-2 days, if required, apply a moisturizing or anti-inflammatory cream to the skin;
  • Avoid applying alcohol-containing items to the treated skin region for three days;
  • 3 days without taking a hot bath or going to the spa or pool;
  • Apply sunscreen to the skin and refrain from sunbathing for two weeks.

How Many Sessions Do You Need to Completely Remove Upper Lips Hair?

Without complicating factors, it will typically take between four and eight laser hair removal sessions to completely remove facial hair, including hair above the top lip.

Breaks in between sessions are also important for the greatest outcome.

  • 4-6 weeks for between one and two treatments;
  • Two to three – six to eight weeks;
  • 8 to 10 weeks, or between 3 and 4.

Even a significant number of sessions might not have a favorable outcome if the patient has an unstable hormonal background or hirsutism issues. Up to 7–10 procedures may be necessary in such circumstances.


The advantages of getting Laser hair removal at our clinic are:

  • High procedure efficiency and safety;
  • Removing hair in 8–10 sessions;
  • A painless and comfortable operation;
  • Pricing flexibility;
  • Complimentary cosmetic consultation

Why Choose us?

In Dubai’s Jumeirah neighborhood, The Enfield Royal Laser Treatment Clinic Dubai is the pinnacle of luxury. This clinic’s atmosphere, vibes, and exhibits uplift and energize you. The consultation is completely free and without any fees. These might be a bit too ideal for the services we provide. You can choose from a variety of possibilities. The Laser Hair Removal for Women’s Upper Lips in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjahis the best option to get rid of the hair on your face.