Laser Hair Bleaching Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Thin and tiny hair can be difficult to remove because lasers do not work on them easily. In addition, hair removal methods such as shaving, or waxing can make the skin worst and will eventually cost as much as any other permanent treatment. While lightening hair at home can be ineffective and dangerous. Laser Hair Bleaching Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE is a very affordable solution to unwanted and thin hair. This non-permanent solution targets the best hair with unmatched precision and then brightens them without damaging the surrounding skin.

What is Laser Hair Bleaching?

The thinnest hair can be targeted with a special Laser technology that has more precision than any other device. The melanin inside hair can be targeted with the laser beam to make it lighter. This procedure not only removes hair but also changes its color to improve its appearance. People often dye their dark hair with a laser. As a result, the hair color changes and becomes invisible to the skin.

Ideal Candidate:

The treatment is best suited for people fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Anybody part can be targeted, regardless of color or type
  • The area close to the eyes cannot be targeted
  • Hair on sensitive areas like the upper lip and bikini lines can also be targeted
  • Some tiny hairs are left after laser treatment


Best Clinic of Laser Hair Bleaching Cost Dubai UAE   Laser Hair Bleaching Cost in Dubai UAE  Laser Hair Bleaching Cost Dubai UAE

Best Laser Hair Bleaching Cost in Dubai UAE   Best Laser Hair Bleaching Cost Dubai UAE  Best Clinic of Laser Hair Bleaching Cost in Dubai UAE

Cost of Hair Bleaching Dubai:

The Laser Hair Bleaching Cost in Dubai UAE can range from AED 450 to 4999. The cost varies depending on many factors some of which include the number of sessions needed, the areas targeted, the doctor’s experience, and the clinic level. The doctor will determine the actual cost after the initial consultation.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The treatment is impacted by the following factors:

Areas Targeted:

The hair can be present in any part of the body, and it can be targeted with a special laser. The more areas you need to target the more expensive the treatment will be.

Number of Sessions:

The treatment can be performed in multiple sessions and each session will add to the cost. The more sessions you may need to take the more you will have to pay for them.

Doctor’s Qualification:

The expertise of a doctor in his specific field will determine how much he charges for his treatments. The more years of experience he has the more he is likely to charge.


The advanced and modern lasers will cost significantly more than the normal ones and will also make the treatment costs.

Clinic Location:

The price of treatment also varies depending on where the clinic is located in. The city, state, province, and region a clinic is in also determines the cost of treatment.

Clinic Level:

The equipment utilized, the premises, the staff, and the clinic’s location all contribute to the clinic’s level. The higher the level, the more the clinic’s services will cost.

What are the Benefits?

The treatment has the following advantages:

  • It is a quick procedure that does not take a long time
  • It gives long-lasting and even permanent results
  • It is a safe treatment that does not have any major side effects
  • You will only take a few sessions to achieve the required results
  • It does not require any long recovery time 


You can get the most affordable Laser Hair Bleaching Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at Enfield Royal Laser Clinic. If you are looking for an effective treatment that is also scientifically proven to give you the results you need. Always choose a clinic that specializes in laser treatment so that you get rid of the hair on your body completely.